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    greg press


    Car is going down highway 45 mph cuts out ,push clutch in, pop it, it restarts then cuts out i do this several times same results.Get car home wait an hour start it.It run fine,  put it away for winter.I start it once a week and it starts. No trouble.I’m thinking fuel filter what do all of you think?  



    My guess is also fuel.  Could be a restriction in the filter.  They are cheap, – I’d change it.  It could be the fuel pump.  Also not to expensive.  Could be that carb float is sticking up and not allowing fuel to refill the carb bowl.  I’d clean the carb.  Do these things and take her for another ride.  My guess is that you will be OK.

    Dan Rosa


     I’ll put my bet on the fuel filter too, I had the same trouble  Dan

    edward ericson


    Happened to me too, on the way to work, a little bit after I got the car. Fuel filter fixed it. . . .

    Until the coil went last September and something that felt like what you’re experiencing happened to me. Re-started, then quit for good a couple miles later. New coil fixed it. . . . Until a wire worked loose and it happened again the next week.

    Then it was good until the Pumpkin Run, when it happened again. Same deal: restarted fine. Re-crimped the wires and she’s good ever since.


    Steven Burk


    The previous suggestions are all good ones and will probably provide a cure. Another, but not as likely culprit might be an unvented tank. Vacuum builds as fuel level goes down until the pump (which is meant to push, not pull) doesn’t receive an adequate supply.

    Richard Wobby


    I found a restriction in my fuel line Disconnect fuel line from tank and blow air through.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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