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  • My first thought was “woodpecker.” Were there any feathers seen blowing out the exhaust?If not, then the small nut/ball bearing theory might be my first choice.

  • burkslaw replied to the topic car stops running in the forum TD Replicas 8 years ago

    The previous suggestions are all good ones and will probably provide a cure. Another, but not as likely culprit might be an unvented tank. Vacuum builds as fuel level goes down until the pump (which is meant to push, not pull) doesn’t receive an adequate supply.

  • burkslaw replied to the topic Firebird (rear) Seat in the forum My Project 8 years ago

    Yes; the seat bottoms are from the Firebird. Camaros also had the 2 piece bottom cushions. Rear seats don’t see much wear, and I will not even have to re-upholster these. I just hog-ringed the material back together after splitting it at the bottom. LKQ (local junkyard) charged me $50. Great deal. They will allow me enough room to get in and out…[Read more]

  • burkslaw replied to the topic new project in the forum TD Replicas 9 years, 1 month ago

    The test stand wasn’t difficult: bus bellhousing, a $39 Harbor Freight stand, some extra casters, a Sportster tank and some rusty tubing off the scrap pile. I used an old oil pressure guage, and a universal choke cable for the throttle. A rainy evening with the welder, and there you have it. 

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