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    Hello fellow members,
    I have a Chevy based TD made by MIGI / FiberFab. I have noticed when taking off from a stop going up hill or into a right hand 90 degree turn (only from a stop) I get a noise that something is hitting the bottom of the passenger seat. The faster I go, the harder the rhythm is. It actually sounds like something is striking the fiberglass under carriage and the faster I go, the harder it slaps. I have had it up on ramps and secured the return line to the gas tank all the way back. I have replaced the exhaust hangers and tightened all ubolts on the exhaust. Still can’t find it. If I take off slow without putting torque on the engine… no noise. I have also checked all areas of the drive shaft channel and find no wear areas. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Riding with my hand on the shift (4-speed standard) I cannot feel the vibration through the shift.

    Dan Rosa


    Will ,,have you checked the motor mounts? the only thing under mine ,on the right is the exhaust . noise can come from the mount lifting and droping back down? and the exhaust hitting the floor or the bend up over the axel, I had to add a hanger. good luck ,,,,,,Dan

    Edward Turner


    I’m right in the throes of changing out the driveshaft carrier on my Chevette based BCW. That carrier bearing tears away and the driveshaft carrier hits the transmission tunnel under load. You’ll have to get the car up in the air so you can look above the frame cross member and see if the carrier surround is toast.

    I’m away from home tending to an ongoing family emergency, otherwise I could upload copious amounts of pictures to document this particular failure. Right where the drive shaft carrier attaches to the cross member of the frame. Take a look and please tell me I’m wrong. oldroadie2012-07-01 07:11:22

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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