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    I Just got back from a short drive thru the Ozarks here in Arkansas. Air Temperature about 90 and engine oil temp holding at a nice 195-200. My top down air conditioner was working great since the two lane highway I was traveling had occasional shaded portions provided by overhanging tree branches. Most of my trip was done at around 50mph, slow enough to catch the nature around me, but just fast enough to keep someone with more speed in mind off my rear bumper. I found myself caught in that all is right with the world feeling ( you guys and ladies with TDs know what I?m talking about.) Although I have had my car to 70mph on the straights before with more peddle to go I have always felt more comfortable driving at 45-55mph. Anything faster seems to give me visions of uh oh things are happening quick, non disc brakes and fiberglass explosions with only a lap belt and no roll bar. This drive made me think about original Tds, their horsepower, braking systems and type of roads most were driven on. I speculate that 50 mph range was what most were driven . I would think most here like myself have had their own Detroit iron in the past that would slide you back in the seat when you popped the clutch and give a tire screech when you grabbed 2nd, but even with my fondest memories of past rides I believe these cool little replicas bring more enjoyment than any set of wheels I have ever had.

    edward ericson


    Here here!

    Slower if possible, but it’s not often possible.



    That sounds good to me.  I sit taller in my London Roadster than I do in my Honda S2000, or the LR’s windscreen is shorter.  I get buffeted and wind whipped too much at anything above 45 to really enjoy the scenery.  On the city freeway, she’ll do 55-65 easily, but then it’s not a scenic drive I’m on.

    Stop and smell the roses,  or at least slow down enough so you can see them.  That is a good write up.

    Larry Murphy


     Mike, I could not have expressed MY THOUGHTS as well as you. I to find myself looking for scenic roads where I can go slow enough to see and smell what’s out there.

    Dan R has it right when he says ”I’m not in a hurry , I’m where I want to be.”

     We just have to be careful not to get in someone’s way.

    Mark Hendrickson


    Amen Larry, great feelings for Mike to share…captured my thoughts about these, and other “cruisers” to a tee.

    Mike, did you post any pics of the cruise?

    As far as staying out of the way…bigger rear view mirrors!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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