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    Steve Crites


    Hello all,

    Just starting to make my winter project list and the dash board re-do is top of the list.  The current one is ok but nothing much to look at.  My daughter scored some beautiful  bird’s eye maple veneer for me to use so I’m getting kinda excited.  I have all the wood working tools and know how for the basic swap of the wood itself.

    As always, what concerns me is the hidden problems with things like this.  It seems the steering shaft mounts to the back of the dash. Do I need to re-enforce this area?  Should I use the old mount holes on the fiberglass or do I need to make new ones?  Any tricks or suggestions with detaching all the wiring?  Any ideas or ways to improve on whats there?

    I’m planning on adding a realistic looking glove box.  I looked at the trim for the box and the opening from Moss. GOOD LORD!!!! is that stuff made of gold?!  Any ideas on what would be a good substitute for that trim?

    Anyway, pass along any thoughts/ideas. Mucho appreciated.


    Paul Mossberg


    Hey Ringo,

    Yes. If you look up MossMotors in any dictionary, you will see gold. Sad, but that’s what the market will bear for restoration parts for original TDs. Aren’t you glad you have a reproduction?

    I’ve seen excellent results on dashes where the owner simply cut a glove box door out…CAREFULLY…and hinged the cut out piece.

    I’d think you could reuse the old mount holes and mount the wood dash with finishing screws. I know this will be obvious, but make sure you check whatever screws you are using in the old mount holes before you drill the dash.

    Yes, you will want to attach a firmer mounting block to the back of he dash, to which you will attach the steerign column. An inch or so of dash thickness is not enough to firmly support the column.

    Hard to tell without seeing what you need to do to detach the wiring. On my Duchess, all the wiring to the switches and gauges attach with quick connects. So I am able to unplug the wiring without cutting anything. Whether yours is the same or you have to cut the wires, make a detailed schematic as you go, so you can wire up the new dash easill.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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    Steve Crites


    Thanks Paul

    I checked and all my connects are not quick connects so I think I’ll put those in when I redo the wires, chances are that many of the butt splices are pretty worn by now anyway.

    Fortunately, (?) I’m somewhat obsessive when it comes to stuff like this so I’m sure I’ll take photos and diagrams as I go along.  (Can’t trust memory like I used to.)

    I’m wanting to hide the stereo but still have easy access so I’ll have to come up with a way to incorporate with the glove box. At any rate I’ll send along photos when finished.  Wish me luck!


    Dale Schumacher



    I have already done what you are getting ready to do – burled oak w/ a glovebox w/ hidden radio inside. send me your email address and I will send a couple of pic’s if that helps.

    dlschu42 at comcast.net



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