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    John Simion


    I finally finished “Murphy” enough to have a photo shoot this morning.  Enjoy.


    Greg Johannsen


    WOW, Absolutly Awsome!



    Super nice work John.  I like the use of the engine turned center section of the dash… fact, the whole dash is darker than most – I like it.  Where did you get the hinges for the glove box/radio door?

    A really spectacular TDr, (except for the seat backs which look like tombstones).  Please don’t take offense, I’m hard to please – I never like everything about anything.



    John. Loved the photos. I really like the look of the wide whitewalls. Plus I like the windshield post end caps as well. Excellent workmanship.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    John Simion


    Tombstones?  LOL, I never thought of that!  They were just intended to mimic the shape of the dashboard while acting as head restraints but now that you mention it … yeah, tombstones!  Maybe I should also get little skull decorations for the car, too!   😀

    The “engine turned” part to the instrument panel is just an applique to an original TD instrument panel (mainly, so I wouldn’t need to replate it).  As it happens, the four holes are perfect for four gauges.  I did drill out a hole for the ignition switch, which is also a TD part.  In 20-20 hindsight, it was a lot of unnecessary work.

    The hinges for the radio door are “Quadrant Hinges” and here is where I got them:

    The quadrant hinges were a huge PITA to fit because you need a semicircular opening for the back side of the hinge to fit into.  I used my Dremel and a large amount of cursing.  Part of the reason my radio compartment is “lined” with engine-turned applique is that it covers up where the hole for my quadrant hinge got a little too close to the edge of the radio opening.  My excuse for this kind of “workmanship” is that I don’t own a wood shop or even a work bench.  All I have are hand tools and a couple of portable power tools plus the Dremel.  I did most of this work either sitting on a stool on my driveway or using a couple of 2x4s for support.  I really hoped having a four-car garage would lead to a real workshop but until I can get rid of kids living at home, my entire garage is full.




    Nice work!  Your attention to detail really shows up in the overall impression!

    Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
    Slowly coming back from the ashes...

    edward ericson


    Great work, John. A lot of really nice detail. Good on you, too, for keeping those kids out in the garage instead of in the basement where they usually end up.



    Thanks for the pics. You put a TON of effort into the restoration. Great job!

    Amor Conquista Todo

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