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    Paul Allain


    Has anyone found good floor mats that fit these replicas?

    Dennis Brock


    I just made some using carpet runner available from Lowes.  I took the old carpet (just replaced) and used it as a pattern.  If your carpet won’t come out, just make a paper pattern and trace on the back and cut it out.  Cheap, looks good and a custom fit.



    That’s how I’ll have to do my carpet because there was none with the kit. No carpet, no electrical harness and no seat foam. Everything else was there though.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    edward ericson


    Just did the carpets on Bridget. Used marine indoor-outdoor carpet from Home Despot. Pretty big role was like $120. I got enough left over to do the boat.

    I used black, ’cause TDs had black carpet originally–low pile like this and with unbound edges. I’m all about the faux-riginaltiy. (TM)

    It was a bit more work than I had originally anticipated, but still not bad.

    Paul Allain


    Thanks guys for your suggestions. That was what I was thinking of doing if I couldn’t find store bought ones. I guess that’s the way I’ll go.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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