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Foggy rear window help

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    Hi Guys:
    Got caught in a thunder storm today for the first time. I got the top out of the nifty zippered thingy that I got from MG Magic a few months ago that goes around the bars and looks good behind the seats. Unfortunately, I found that it was full of water and thus my vinyl rear window has gone foggy. I remember this plague clearly (or foggily 😀 ) from my UK sports cars in the 70’s.
    Does anyone know a way of getting the vinyl clear again (as it was when I put it in the zipper thing a couple of months ago) or am I doomed to milky vision or a replacement vinyl window?
    While we are on the same subject, I noticed that my doors have the studs for side windows but there is nothing on my top that suggests a side window could be fitted?

    Paul Mossberg


    A few possibilities


    Bestop Vinyl Window Cleaner

    Meguiars PlastX

    Novus Plastic Polish


    Some interesting discussion on this Jeep Forum thread:

    Paul Mossberg
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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