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    Dan Rosa


    I currently have an electric pump a Mr Gasket, i have had to replace one about every 1000. miles now my question,, all of the Custom cars i have seen all seem to use electric pumps why??? I think I want to do a stock mechanical type . doe’s anyone have a reason why on a carbureted car that everyone uses electric??  Dan R

    edward ericson


    Something’s wrong if you’re buying a new fuel pump every 1k miles, no matter how it’s driven.

    I am a partisan of mechanical fuel pumps, mostly because most of the cars I’ve owned came with mechanical pumps from the factory and they mostly worked fine.

    Hot rodders like electric because they take a little strain of the engine and (supposedly) give better & more consistant fuel pressure. Fuel injection pretty much needs an electric pump because the injectors need a high pressure fuel stream right from the get-go, which a pump driven by the engine can’t readily provide. For this reason mechanical pumps are going away.

    But if you’re running a carb or two a mechanical pump should be fine.

    Paul Mossberg


    What Ed said!

    Paul Mossberg
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    Gabor Kesseru


    The main reason a lot of British sports cars ran electric pumps is because they hide other design problems such as vapor lock from poor fuel line routing or poor venting of the tank by pushing the fuel instead of pulling it. The real problem with an electric is that with a leaky float valve they’ll pump the fuel tank into your crankcase.



    I swapped to electric when my mechanical pump started to leak and found that the steering column made the swap a major PITA. I’ve had to replace the electric a couple of times over the years, but nothing like what you’ve experienced. Try a different brand. There should be several to choose from depending on flow rate and pressure requirements.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

    Steve Crites


    Dan,  If you have the room, go with a Carter low pressure vane pump, it will last forever.  It sounds like you’re using those little buzz boxes and they tend to always go bad too soon.  

    Dan Rosa


    Ringo and all that answered my Question  I guess I was to ” cheep” my wife’s quote Pinch this time I replaced that cheep pump with a Procomp, Electronics , brand all metal and 4X heaver than the MrGasket . Brass inards and polished body it is almost sad to hide it under the car.LOL  Dan R

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