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    Tom Colello


    For those of you that have built in or custom built fuel tanks could you please post some pics. I’d like to see what you all have. I am contimplating having a custom built tank to fit in the trunk area just behind the grill on my Allison.

    Also is there a site to go to to get the specs on an original TD so I can do an accurate comparison on my Allison vs an original TD to post on that thread here.


    Larry Murphy


     Tom, My VWbased London Roadster has a custom fuel tank ,however it is located beneath the floor of the trunk and the entire compartment is  covered with carpet which is glued in place.It is a square alluminum tank about 24”x24” x 8” deep.The ”lower floor”’of the compartment is designed to provide a mounting place for the tank. The filler pipe is a section of flexible braided stainless covered hose which runs thru the top of the left hood side panel at the top of the louvers. I don’t think this would be workable on your car since they did not design the front compartment for this type tank.and I’m sure you do not want to pipe the filler to the outside of your hood.[Gas spills on to the hood panel and fender with almost every fillup]

     If you need to replace the tank, why not try a fuel cell? I would be very concerned about moving anything else any closer to the front of the car ,could be unsafe if you hit something tho it would help the handling to have more weight on the front wheels.

    Mark Hendrickson


    IMHO, the best fuel tanks to use if you are going to change over is a racing style Fuel Cell.

    These come in many shapes and sizes with all “streetable” options like fuel level senders. etc.

    These are MUCH safer driving around in a fiberglass replica that go up like a Roman candle if a fire occurs. I’ve said this before…these cars are really like having a 4 wheeled motorcycle as far as safety.

    These cells are reasonably priced to very high priced depending on size, options and manufacturer.. I intend to use one on the straight front axled Volksrod I am building.

    Hey…only 64 days until I am retired!!!

    Steve Crites


    Summit racing has many sizes of the RCI fuel cells that include senders.  Check their web site for more choices than what’s in their catalog.  Good price, safe, and close to a custom fit.  They even have mounting tabs on them.

    Mark,  I’m really glad for you.  I think I’ll probably have to work until I’m dead! 

    Mark Hendrickson


    Thanks Ringo. I actually have a contract in “attorney review” on my house. In the last week I have hosted all the various inspections by the buyer’s mortgage company, FHA, Termite guy, etc. Seems another shows up every day!

    The buyers, a young newlywed couple are perfect for the neighborhood…a cul-de-sac with lot’s of young couples and little kids only 125 yards from the elementary school. They plan on raising their family in the house.

    I found a beach house to rent after the planned early October closing. It will be a temporary residence until I find myself a new place in “Slower” Delaware (Sussex County)…a big garage with a bathroom and cot

    57 days left now…but who’s counting  It’s been a long 42 years working for “Uncle”.




    Mark, You’re a bit ahead of me. And you’re right….it’s been a long time. Working for Uncle since 65.    

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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