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    Rich Bellefeuille



    This just made my day. See http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp ;item=290313402815&sspagename=ADME%3AB%3AWNA%3AUS%3A1123 &viewitem=

    This guy has a Ford V6 FiberFab/CMC kit that he asked a starting price of $9K and he got the bid but IT DIDN’T COVER HIS RESERVE!!!


    Larry Murphy


     Hi Rich, I bet that really made your day. I had been watching that one myself. It’s always good to know that you have somthing you enjoy but also that you could come out ok if you had to let it go.

                                     Larry M.

    Mark Hendrickson


    You have to watch these eBay auctions. They have there friends bid the car up to just below the reserve hoping that they’ll draw someone into bidding the reserve or higher.

    That car appeared really nice, but I’ll bet that’s who the bidders mostly were on this one.

    eBay was great when there were no reserves and the bidding started at $1.00.

    Pat Dwyer



    Here’s one, albeit chevy powered, for $3200.



    Rich Bellefeuille


    Hey Mark,

    Thanks! Way to burst my bubble! Just kidding. I though the guy was nuts when he had a starting bid of $9K. I couldn’t believe it when I saw one bid! If it was a real bid, he should have SOLD it! I was also suspicious. Probably exactly what you said.


    James Cochran



    The way I see it, what we have is priceless. Things come and things go, but our replicas keep giving joy that has no price. Even with the economy tanked, I plan on keeping my baby until the end. I have very little invested in my car for a grand total of $2850, that includes not only the car, but a $1000 of restoration and improvements including a recent new top and curtains to make her close to showroom fresh. Just need to take care of the recent jammed up flywheel . She already has all new bushings and a complete new brake system by the previous owner. The recent discovery of a rebuilt engine in her made my day. My spreadsheet of the restoration work is pretty long, and the car looks new, even under the hood with freshly painted engine and new wiring with a dress up kit. Everything under the hood has been detailed. I believe I will finalize the car at a $3100 total investment after a new clutch and a few other parts. I have had several offers, all in the 8-10 grand range, but it is worth more to me in what it gives me. When I look at our Malibu at 20 grand, I don’t get the joy and satisfaction the little car gives me, not even close. My kids have decided to sell the car when I die, rather than fight over it. I want to be buried with it , that’ll take care of that. For now, the little car is a keeper until the end of my time for what it gives me is truly priceless.




    That is too funny!! That’ll show your Kids! I’m taking it with me even when I’m dead. Classic

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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