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    James Cochran


    I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous new year complete with additional bonus time behind the wheel of our TD’s as we motor about this great country. Hopefully our snows and low temperatures will quickly give way to warm sunshine and temperatures.

    Have a great safe and fun 2010 behind the TD wheel.

    Will Burge


     Happy New year to you and all of the club members. Since I bought my TD looking out the window for sunshine has become a preoccupation. I hope the new year brings health, Happiness, Prosperity and fun motoring to all!


    Dan Rosa


    Jas        no snow here, just COLD today  I took her out to get the engine warm and  I did go around the block on Xmas 20 milesit was nice and just a little chill with the side curtains on.

    to all I hope we all have A GREAT YEAR and many miles of enjoyment

    Dan R

    edward ericson


    Here, here!

    Rich Bellefeuille


    Hey James,

    Winter has taken over here in New England. Snow and wind are the order of the day.

    We’ve decided to just give in to the bad weather up here, and have resorted to playing Hockey in our Baseball Park!! Pretty cool stuff seeing the Bruins play AND WIN!! at Fenway on New Years Day!

    All the best to you, your family and all of the loyal contributors to the TD Replica forum.


    Paul Allain


    Happy New Year!!! everyone.

    May it be a good one with our TD’s.

    Montie Henderson


    Happy New Year to all!…

    No SNOW here in southern buckeye land, but rain rain rain.  Yesterday would heve been a great day for a ride, but, had to work late.  I’ll fire her up in the garage for a while this afternoon just to get the fluids circulating. 

    edward ericson


    Rain expected here today. But 51 degrees. Will be back on the beam, maybe get the swaybar back on. Then again, maybe not. Ripped a couple of ball joint boots taking everything off (used a pickle fork, an apparent no-no). So waiting for new boots.

    Lots of other things to do. Could clean the office.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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