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    Dale Schumacher


    I could use a little help with my brakes – never seems to build confidence – just does not stop like it should. It is a very light car – it should be easy to stop.
    The facts:
    Disc fronts – just replaced the pads and unglazed the disc’s – like new calipers
    Like new brake lines and replaced the front rubber lines to the front calipers
    Drum rears with just replaced shoes and cylinders – unglazed the drums
    Replaced the M/C a couple of years ago 
    Just replaced all the brake fluid and pressure bleed everything back to front and adjusted the rear brakes.
    I use a pressure system that just pushes the fluid through the system.

    The only thing I can think of is I need a better and maybe German M/C – I think I put in a dual Varges ( spelling? ) M/C from Brazil. I have heard there are larger dual versions from a bus?
    Any suggestions  would be appreciated


      Brake lines with disc brakes a lot of times call for steel braded lines for the disc brakes.  Rubber hoses somitimes will swell and lose performance.



    Dale. George is right, but I have not seen swelling be a problem except on old hoses. And you say yours are new.

    About a year ago i installed discs, hoses and a new master cyl from SoCal. I had new non steel braided brake lines. The disc sys was the least expensive I found.

    I’m sure that mine would satisfy your wishes for a confident stop. Really good stops, now.

    But, I had a lot of trouble bleeding them. Bench bled master for a full day. Tried the old fashioned 2-man bleed technique until Julie got mad at me.
    Tried vacuum bleeding on sys. No joy.
    Tried pressure bleeding: still no good.
    At this point, I was really scratching my head. How complicated could it be? I’ve been doing this for 50+ years.

    If, your brake pedal is adjusted properly, allowing the master cylinder piston to return to it’s resting position, you should be able to pour brake fluid into the reservoir and it will just run out the open bleeders at the wheels. No fancy equipment required. Gravity bleeding.
    Took a full day for my system to gravity bleed and dribble fluid out each blender.     Then another couple of times around exercising the pedal,
    but then, all was well. Royal2014-09-13 07:13:50

    Peter C. King



    Do you still have a soft pedal? If so there is still air in the system.


    Bubbles could be your problem.


    When you fill a dry system, you wind up with tiny bubbles on the walls of the hoses and tubes much like those on the side of a bottle of soda. They collect in the corners where hoses, tubes and cylinders connect too. With time and use they break away from the walls, coalesce into larger bubbles and percolate to the high point in the system, which is usually the master cylinder. If you are pulling air out of the master cylinder that may not mean that the master is shot. It could be that you are seeing bubbles.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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