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    September 16-17. Weatherly, PA. Fall Weatherly Hillclimb. First ran in 1960. The entire town gets behind this event. It’s a great venue. Only 1 mile in length, but Turn 3 is named “the Wall”. The inside of this right hander is almost vertical. Trucks and busses have been known to get stuck there. Turn 5 is “the Jump”. Exiting the turn is a blind crest where the bravest of souls can get massive air. Lots of cars have been lost there.

    I had not been here in 4 years and I struggled to get a handle on the course as to which gear to be in on which corner. Oh well, Enjoy.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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