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    Would it be whiney of me to ask if it’s possible to get some of the newer members cars featured in the “some of our members cars” part of the home page?

    I love to look at the cars already featured there, but It would be nice to see some of the other great cars owned by our newer members also(ok, mine too!). Does anyone else think that would be cool?

    Rich Bellefeuille



    I’m with you although I hate to ask Frankie to a lot more work than he already does to maintain the site. So I guess if it wouldn’t be too much work, an update would be very nice. Perhaps a blind Vote via EMail as to who’s pictures should be added, so it’s democratic and no one gets too offended? Are we limited to the number of photos on the page? I would assume so.

    Any other thoughts?


    James Cochran


    I agree also. A long time ago, as a visitor to this site, in the begining I cruised the pics. My first impression was, ‘Is that all there is?’ Thinking this was not much of a group. So I left for a while, then returned later and joined. I actually had forgotten that I had joined until recently.  It wasn’t until after a while that I noticed I could see the member photos thru the forum. I could not see those as a visitor. I think if I saw all the awesome cars of the group, I would have joined right away, long ago.


    Paul Mossberg


    Good idea!

    But until we hear from FrankieD…I hope you take the time to cruise through the member photo galleries.

    Many of us have posted pics of our cars.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to https://tdreplica.com/forums/topic/mg-td-replica-registry/ and register (you need to copy and paste the link)



    I can update the photo’s on the Home page if you all would like….

      My tdreplica email account is full of spam and just about unusable (I really hate SPAMMERS!!) so if you’d like to email me a photo send it to  devinef2000 AT  Yahoo DOT com  (sorry for the cryptic address but it prevents spam bots from harvesting my email)

    If you already have a photo posted here in the forums and would like it featured, I can use it as well. Just let me know what photo you’d like me to use.



    Steve Crites



    Thanks so much for the great offer to update .

    We don’t say it enough, but thanks for all you do for us!  

    Again, thank you,


    Mark Hendrickson


    Frankie…can you clean-up the “bogus” membership while you are at it?

    Good to hear from you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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