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    edward ericson


    View out my garage door this a.m. (that slot on the left is where I shoveled yesterday. And Sunday. It was only about two feet deep there):

    James Cochran


    WOW! Amazing!

    No roadtrip today!! Tomorrow’s not looking too good either.

    Hoping for some warm sunshine to melt your troubles away!


    Larry Murphy


     Ed,I’ve been watching the storm coverage on the news but seeing it from your point of view puts it far more serious. Hope you are well stocked on the necessities.Makes me appreciate North Carolina for sure!! I keep looking at your post the other day about the ride around the block . You keep looking at it too and keep the memory alive.Looks like it  may take you till spring just to dig out.

    edward ericson


    Thanks, guys.

    Got the driveway clear, though that big igloo will be there a while. They’re telling us 8 more inches maybe Sunday or Monday.

    I knew when Karen bought this house (end of August) that this would be a big snow year. Why? ’cause it’s got about an acre of driveway, and I know my luck.

    At least the power stayed on this time. And the garage roof is showing no signs of stress, So I’m thinking it won’t cave in just yet.

    Mel Zeiger



    That picture sent chills down my spine.  We had a meager 15 inches of snow yesterday.  One more reason to get myself down to Florida.

    I hope you survive the spring thaw.



    James Cochran



    Your back must be killing you. Especially if you used the shovel in the garage. My thoughts have been with everyone in the snow belt. Whata year! Too bad we can’t ship it to Geoff .

    We’re not so bad in Memphis. It’s more like a wonderland with ice.

    edward ericson


    Nice pic, James. Yeah, the back’s a little sore. And Luv: I lived in Orlando for five years. Never missed it before . . . .

    Anyway, I opened the garage this a.m. and just started laughing. Had to get that pic. I tried a few from Bridget’s beak but the exposures were all wrong. Suffice it to say that mound is a goodly bit higher than her roof.

    The good news is the driveways southern-exposed. A few sunny days will melt that down to size.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, gents. We’re all dug out now and likely to make it to work tomorrow.

    Dan Rosa


     I just had to clean my windshield that 1/2 inch  snow is hard on the hands and arms !! and that cold ,, almost freezing temperature wow . I don’t envy living in the north country It looks like even Memphis did not get spared. Knoxville and north got 6 + inches many parts of the smokies got it also,, but this valley seems always to get spared the worst of it

    Dan R



      After living in Buffalo, NY for 23 years It is nice to not have to worry about shoveling all that mess! But it has been a good 6 years now and I miss it(I think).
      Next week, Phoenix is expecting 75-78 and Sunny! I have been letting Stella “rest” for a good 6 weeks now and I think I may have to get her looking good and ready for the weekly classic car shows every week near my house. I would like to dress her up with some bumper over-riders and new tires but finances and my wife will dictate if that is a reality or not.
      Either way, next week I’ll snap some good photos for you guys to look at until it’s sunny in your neck of the woods too!

       Until next week~


    Greg Stickney


    Just got back from the carribean. I really missed the cold weather in Florida, but we managed to get by.


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