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    Hi, I would like to find out what this car is worth. It got posted up on Valuejockey and I need some help. if anyone can help me figure out the correct value, that sure would help! I’m not tring to spam. Just looking for more knowlegeable people to help me figure out a good value for the car.

    Thanks !

    the link to the car is : http://www.valuejockey.com/search/?fuseaction=displayDetail& amp;itemID=135047


    Rich Bellefeuille



    I’ve been watching these cars for a while. I’ve see people asking for $7500 and up but actual sales have been between $3500 to just under $6000. One sold on Ebay in December for $5800 and it was in VERY good condition.

    I won’t tell you whaI paid for mine….you’d cry


    Mark Hendrickson


    You’d have to know much more than that description relates. However, it’s probably not worth anywhere near $9,000. It has a set of dual Kadron carbs, but that’s all that is shown, no interior pictures, no side shots, etc.

    There are MANY factors to consider when buying these kit cars: Who built it? What kit manufacturer is it? Front (Ford/GM) or rear engine (VW)? Quality of the build? New or just cleaned-up parts? How is it titled? (VERY important), ad infinitum!

    The going rate for a VW based TD replica ranges from near $1,000 to the mid $6,000 range for a first rate built of a high quality manufacturer with a correct title. It all depends on many factors.

    My advice is to never buy sight unseen. Inspect the car in person!!! If you don’t know much about cars, bring a person that does.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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