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    Hey Bill,

    It sounds like the fender bender was REALLY a fender bender!!

    As to the wipers, I could talk about the special wiper motor I installed, or I could talk about the neat way I changed the auto park circuit to make them park on the right —

    — or I could admit that I did not hook up the auto park feature and I decided to park the wipers out of my line of sight  — on the right.

    I will have to play with the wiper arm length and the wiper blade length to get them to lie flat — on either side.  For some reason I seem to be “Wiper challenged” on all of the cars.  I even went so far as to watch the driver’s side wiper fall off of the Bugeye and roll under the car in the middle of traffic last year.  It seems that the heavens thought I needed to provide you all with some comic relief while we were at the car show in Va Beach …

    Happy Jack

    Happy Jack
    "EMMA" Red BCW TDr on 1971 VW w/ rebuilt 1641cc
    Dual Kadron, mild street SCAT cam and lifters Hide away exhaust and headers
    "MANYPENNY" White CMC TDr '78 Ford Pinto components w/ 1988 Mustang II 4 cyl w/ Weber

    edward ericson


    Bill, wouldn’t fuel starvation show itself at WOT instead of “mid-range part throttle?”

    I think your problem is in the transition from the primary jets to the secondaries and, if I had to bet a waffle breakfast, I’d guess the primaries come in too soon/too rich and there’s your midrange stumble.

    That and/or spark curve. Do you know advance at idle and total? What’s the car’s timing at cruise–like 1/4 throttle, low load? If it’s too little advance you can get a stumble when you mash the go pedal.

    What’s your carb and what jets are you running?

    Best move from here is to weld a bung on each collector and get a wide-band O2 sensor, so you can see your air-fuel ratio, then tune from there.



    Ed, do you mean that the secondaries come in too soon?



    Well, I tackled the cooling issue. I purchased a water pump from a racing firm that is 1-1/2″ shorter than factory. This pump has no production application. I was then able to slide a 3 core radiator in place of the 2 core I had been running.

    Before photo…apx. 1/8″ between water pump pulley hub and radiator…

    After photo…I picked up quite a bit of clearance. I feel more comfortable with this layout.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

    edward ericson



    Hope that solves it.

Viewing 5 posts - 126 through 130 (of 130 total)
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