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    walter hilliard


    Looking for a Luggage rack for CMC 52 MG TD.. thats Chevy powered …..

     I see Them in alot of pics. But never seen one listed….


    Maybe someone has plans to build one…


    Thanks  Walt

    Western PA


    Walt, Welcome aboard the TDr forum.  Luggage racks are usually carried by Moss Motors but they are a bit pricey.  

    walter hilliard



    Thanks for info…

    I have heard that a guy could make one…….. but some plans could save some time………


    Walt   Penn.


    Yes, one could be made but it would take a skilled welder and pipe bender.  I have never seen one that was not chromed also. Mine is the abbreviated version of the original  Originals were horizontal (or at least could be adjusted to horizontal).  Mine is slanted conforming to the slope of the engine cover/gas tank.  You can see a picture of mine in the photo gallery.  I like mine and use it occasionally for a picnic basket.  Carried a suitcase on it to the Carlisle Pa kit car show.  

    Paul Mossberg




    Through the magic of the TD Forum “Search” tool:


    Here is one thread discussing luggage rack options, from home made to expensively reproduced:



    From that thread, here is one of of Moss Motors reproduction racks (the type that folds down and sits even with the ground, just above the bumper):



    This one, also from Moss, permanently attaches above the tank:



    Mike (screen name Mike N Scarlett) has plans for a rack you can build yourself. Send him a private message and I’m sure he’ll send you a copy.


    Here’s another “build it yourself” rack, pretty nice looking:



    And here are plans for a luggage rack fabricated out of PVC pipe. This one is definitely NOT for looks, you would not leave it on your car. It is purely functional.



    PMOSSBERG2012-06-19 08:58:57

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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    Montie Henderson


    Another idea for a rack is one off a Model A Ford.  These a re very similar to the folding type.  Ive been watching for a good used one, I know it would take some tweeking but I think it would work.  I know most of us are engineers, at least to a point, Ermm right, well at heart.  Most are about $125 for a new one, but I’m really cheap, tight, or just not ready to commit to one yet.  

    edward ericson


    A guy on the Speedster forum made himself a pukka luggage rack out of small steel tubing. Bent it by filling with sand. Little welding, grinding and a nice silver paint job.

    I believe that with the right kind of primer, same or better results could be got with copper plumbing pipe and soldered fittings. Just thinking out loud here.

    There’s also, for functionality, the “tire step” rack: go get yerself one of the many camper steps on the market and simply hang it on your spare. (here’s one. here’s like 20 others.) Lash your suitcases to the “step” part et voila.



    I dont know if your looking for attractive “bling” or just to function, but here is a step that straps on the spare.  It is adjustable and is supposed to hold 500 lbs. (Of course your rear cover wont hold that much, but…)  I saw one similar posted last year on a thread.  Wink and its fairly cheep!!!

    it does adjust for height and the platform is 22″ x 9″


    If not this one I just did a quick search for “Tire Step” on google and found several. 

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