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    Douglas Willis


    Hi Everybody!

    Doug Willis here, been many years since I have been active here, I go by STG-inc. here in the forums.

    I have a project (MGTD) on a VW chassis that has stalled for several years.  I have had both knees replaced during my absence here and there is no way that I’ll ever be able to physically get into this car again.  That’s why the project stalled.

    Can somebody please send me instructions on how to post pictures in the Classified Forum?  If I remember correctly, years ago you had to upload through Photobucket, but I no longer have that account.

    I’m looking to cut someone a hell of a deal on a 90% completed “new build”, titled in my name as a VW in Indiana.  I also have a certificate from the former Fiberfab Company President with the date of manufacture of the kit.

    Thanks for any help with the photos upload question!  You can also send me a message via Messenger, and I can share pictures there as well.







    Douglas Willis


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    Here are the photo posting instructions provided by the great Ed Ericson.

    First you go to your own thing. Upper right corner it should say something like “Howdy, Happy Jack.” Click on that and you get a drop-down menu. At the bottom it says “media.” Hover over that with your curser and you should see another drop-down menu with “albums,” “photos” “videos.” Click on “photos.”

    That should bring you to a new page. If you have previously uploaded pictures, you will see some of them. Under “All Photos” near the top left of the page you will see “options” and “upload.”

    Click on “upload.”

    That opens another drop down box. You can actually drag and drop pictures into this from a folder on your computer screen, or you can navigate to the folder on your computer with the pics. Double click on them and the upload begins. You should see them appear in your photo album.

    To get one into a post you have to click on it.

    It should open up big. Then RIGHT-click on it, and you should see a box open up on it with options like “copy,” “save image as,” etc. Click on “copy image address.”

    Now close the pic and find your way back to the post you want to put this photo in. (I often use two browser windows for this, keeping the “new post” box open in a separate tab or window).

    (Hang on, we’re getting close now)</span></span></span>

    Above the window where you want to make the picture go, there’s a line of little symbols. The second from the left is like a jagged little mountain with a little moon over it. That’s your “insert pic” button. Click it.

    That opens a new box with a prompt that says “Source.” PASTE (control or command V) the “image address” you copied about six steps ago. Then press OK.

    The photo should appear now as if by high-tech magic. So simple even a computer science Ph.D. could do it, sometimes, maybe, if he’d had enough Red B

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    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
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    Douglas Willis


    I have literally given up on trying to post any pictures!  lol

    HOWEVER, if you go back and look at my post history, you will see a series of pictures I posted 7 years ago.  Literally, I put the wheels back on after these pictures were posted, pushed it back to the back of the garage then went in for knee replacements.  It has not moved at all since then.

    Would make somebody a sweet / easy project to finish.  Only asking $3,500, but I could be talked down slightly…





    Sent you a message via Facebook regarding this project.

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