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    New member here. Longtime TD fan. In the late sixties, in

    high school, a buddy and I ran across a TD barn-find but

    weren?t able to get it. When the kits came out in the

    seventies I always wanted one. Now I?m searching Craigslist

    and eBay for something in the $2-3,000 range that I can fix

    up. I?m thinking I want a front-engine car, but being

    familiar with the bug motor I?d be ok with getting one of

    those. From those who have driven both: how do they

    compare? Does one tend to bring higher prices than the


    Larry Murphy


     Hi Rick, Welcome to the forum. I presently have one of each. The VW based cars are hard to beat from the simple and dependable side of things but in my opinion ,and it’s strictly my opinion,the front engine cars are more like the original MG.The Chevette based cars are comparable in power to the originals as well, while the Ford based ones are more powerful.VW engines can be hopped up as well.

    A nice front engine Classic Roadster Duchess recently sold on e-bayfor about $5000, and a not as nice one sold in Pa for $3600.

     There is something to be said for building one to suit your own tastes but $2000 could quickly turn to much more depending on what you had to do to get it right.

    James Cochran


    Welcome Rick.

    You will find a wealth of knowledge and experience here, as well as awesome guys and gals. I can only speak on the front engine side. I love the front engine, but the storage space is very minimal. For long road trips we have to tow a luggage trailer (95% = wife’s luggage) if we use the TD. For picnics, etc. I use a folding rack on the spare. I have found my Ford 2.3L easy to find parts and with plenty of power for thrilling rides. Larry is the best for both engine location advice since he drives both. I paid less than $3K for mine, but was in the right place at the right time and I got the car from a fine mechanic and nice fellow. Typically you get what you pay for (or less ). A friend of mine paid $4k for his bargain TD replica and so far has put another $4k in it, and it still is not on the road after six years. His was an impulse buy without asking a lot of questions to the seller. Prior to buying my TD, my son and I visited with the seller for several hours. He lived about a 100 miles away, but it was worth a couple of trips and dozens of emails. Lots to think about, and you have a great resource right here in the forum.

    Rich Bellefeuille


    Welcome aboard Rick!

    Good luck with your shopping. The advice from Larry and James is right on the button. My research shows the same results.

    I was lucky enough to buy my replica locally from the original builder for $1500.!!!! Now, it had had been garaged and had not been started for 6 years and had a busted Clutch cable (new one was included!). Had to be towed to my friends garage where I could nurse it back to health. So far I’ve put over 7000 miles on it and it has cost me a lot of fun work time, an oil change, $60 for a new battery, $35 for an alternator and $54 for a starter (but I get $12 refunded when I send the old one back!)

    Let’s hope you can find THAT kind of deal!


    Dan Rosa


     Hi  Rick — You will find one Just LOOK and keep looking one will come up I bought mine off Craigslist , Sacramento Ca.—a Chevette powered car that was never finished I had more fun finishing and rebuilding than driving!!?? well almost—- they are out there just look the one thing to remember the body is more important than the engine and trans. they are the easy part  Good Hunting  Dan R

    Paul Mossberg


    Welcome aboard Rick!

    Happy hunting.

    And please…ask all the questions you want and need…before, during and after your purchase!

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

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