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    Norman Scott


    Hello everyone,

    I have recently acquired my first MGTD/VW kit car.   I have not been able to determine who the manufacturer was (any suggestions?).  I just figured this might be handy information if I wanted to acquire any parts.  Or, where does anyone go for parts that must be somewhat universal among these kit cars.  I hope no one was out to reinvent the wheel.  At the moment I need 1 matching Trico wiper arm.  Also the park position of the wiper blades is straight up.  If I rotate the arm down to normal position, the arm 1st moves down (beyond normal range) and then back the other direction.  The mounts for the wiper arms are hexagon and the socket of the arm has 24 grooves.  Are the wiper motors and drives usually from a VW?  Where do I find VW cassis numbers and determine what year or year range the chasis is?  What about engine numbers and what engine I actually have.  All I can tell you is that they are single port heads.  Too many other questions I have not thought of yet.  HELP!





    Welcome to the group. It’s great to have another GA member. I can help with some of the questions.

         The VIN number on the chassis is located just under the rear seat in the center of the tunnel. You’ll see a fairly large access cover, secure with one sheet metal screw. Just forward of that you’ll find the VIN stamped into the chassis. Should be 10 numbers. The engine number is located on the rear of the engine case just under the generator/alternator pedestal. Usually starts with two letters and then the numbers.

         The wiper park position is a bit trickier. Could be a wiper motor problem or just the wiper arms positioned incorrectly.

         There are several MGTD kit manufacturers. A photo of the car will be the best way for us to help determine which TD manufacturer made your kit. And on the left tabs there is a download manuals tab that will get you to the assembly manuals.

         Don’t worry about asking questions here. We’re a friendly group and very knowledgeable about the TDs and we’ll be glad to help out as much as we can.

    newkitman2012-10-18 06:46:26

    Allen Caron
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    Paul Mossberg


    Hey Norman!

    Welcome aboard.

    Newbie hint…use the search tool. Just about everything you asked has been discussed here.

    This thread: has member provided details on a number of manufacturers. It might help you figure out the manufacturer of your car. And I promise you, if you post pictures, you’ll have a bunch of members chiming in with their opinions as to the brand!

    Just about every VW kit used the VW wiper motors and arms. You have to shorten and bend the arms to make them work well on the TD windshield. Classic Roadsters build manuals have good instructions. You can find a number of manufacturers’ assembly manuals by clicking on the Download Manuals link over there on the left.

    Your VW Chassis numebr (also the donor car’s VIN) is stamped into the center tunnel, just above the access plate for the shift-rod/transaxle link. This is under your TD seat.

    Once you have the number, you can look it up here:

    Engine number are stamped into the block just below the generator stand. You can look them up here:

    Or here:

    Two favors…

    First, please click the link in my signature block and enter your info in a new post on the registry thread! Thanks!

    Second favor, as you learn about these cars and post more questions, try to keep a thread focused on a particular topic. that will help us answer you. And even more important, it will facilitate future searching! Everything we post here becomes part of the collective knowledge base. If threads are targeted to specific topics, they are far more useful. And make sure the subject line matches!

    Again, WELCOME ABOARD! this si a great site, with great people and a ton of knowledge!

    Never, never be afraid to ask….

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

    Richard Shear


    Welcome to the club Norman.



    Norman, Welcome aboard.  Being selfish, I hope that you plan on doing most/all of the maintenance by yourself, it’s a lot more fun for us on the forum.  If so, I would recommend buying at least one book to guide you:  “How to keep your Volkswagen Alive” bu John Muir.  It is not only informative but fun to read.  Also, depending on what year your VW chassis is, you should get the appropriate “Complete Service Manual” by Bentley.  Post some pictures.  Roy

    john barry


    Welcome aboard Norman..

    Larry Murphy


     Hi Norman and welcome to the group!!! If you notice that the first two responses to your questions are very much alike, it’s because both the guys were responding at nearly the same time. That’s how eager we are to help. Just about every problem you will encounter,someone here has already been there and will be glad to share the solution that worked for them. Enjoy your new toy, much fun is ahead!!

    edward ericson


    Welcome, Norman!



    Welcome to our world.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
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      The manfacture of your kit may have mounted a plate with information on the firewall. The registration or title might also have the information you need. Many kits were built with similiar parts and pieces. Kits also changed from year to year in the same company. I have 2 Fiberfab kits and they are different.One is an early kit and the other one is a later model. Fenders mount different, door handles are also different.

      Hope you enjoy your ride and have fun learning with it. They are a fun hobby. Mine fills some of my retirment time. I have found some parts in old time hardware stores and marine boat shops. Local old hardware store good source for stainless screws and bolts. If he doesn’t have will order. He also will open his supply books for wired hardware for you.
    Dan Rosa


    Hi ,Norman,,,, all the fun is in the tinkering Smile have fun with all of it , fixin and driving….. Dan



    I wish I knew you two days ago when I was looking for a TD.

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