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    So I’m pricing new top.  Very expensive.  I want just a top.  2 Bow.  No side curtains or anything special.  How exact of a replica are the VW MG TD kits?  I’ve seen what Im looking for on line, but do not want to buy is it wont fit.  Any advice?






    Advice:  These kits are all different from each other in tub dimensions.  They may look similar and may be the same but I will tell you that the only way to be sure is to have a canvas shop make one for you.  And yes, this will cost you more than a few hundred dollars.  My Daytona and Jack’s Fiberfab and BCW are all different enough that my tonneau would not fit on his cars.  Ordering one is risky business.

    good luck.

    Gregg Strain


    I’ve found going to a marine canvas shop is the best bet. These places are familiar with making custom tops because of the variety of boats on the market. I was quoted for a new top for mine with side curtains for $400. I will using my old bows, but they can make those too. All kinds and colors of material. Everything will be fitted to my existing snaps. MGMAGIC was $600 plus more for the snap kit and bows and hardware. They will need a little direction on how the top is fitted to the windshield. You can find that info in the manual for your car in the library on this site. I hope to have mine in about 3 weeks. Good hunting!



    I used a shop called tupac in Pittsburgh much cheaper than MG magic PM me or see me at Carlisle

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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