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    With these kits is the car (MGTD) built on a pinto frame or is the donor just used for parts? By parts I mean engine, trans rear end …

    Also if anyone could point me to site that explains the basic process of building the typical kit I’d be grateful.

    I’m old to cars and engines but just now starting research on building a MGTD kit car, so please bear with the questions. I prefer not to build it on a VW , just personal preferance.

    Thank you

    Bill Hursh


    Hi Bovi,

    Welcome to the site. There’s alot of helpful people here. The Ford/Chevy kits had their own frame that came with the kit. The donor was used for the motor, transmission, front axel etc.

    I think if you search the site you will find assembly manuals that have been transposed electronicly. If not just ask, Iam sure someone will send you one.

    Good luck & welcome to the site.

    Bill Hursh NY

    Richard Wobby


    Bovi, Welcome, check out the download section that might help if anyone has some different manuals and they would like to share, I’m happy to dis assemble and scan them other than that ask ask ask

    Larry Murphy


     Bovi, Welcome to the forum. There is a MGTD replica on Craigs list in Athens TN. The ad does not say if it is VW or Chev/Ford but the car looks good in the small picture . I emailed the seller for more info and will let you know what I find out.

    Larry Murphy


     Bovi, The guy with the car in Athens responded to my email .He sent more pictures but they were of a different car from the one shown in the ad.Also it is VW based It is a decent looking car but the one in the ad looked like a BCW from what I could see in the picture . I could not see it well enough to tell if it was front engine or VW based. I thought we had found a special one but it did not turn out as I had hoped.

    Dan Rosa


     HI Bovi  And Larry did you see the car on craigslist Knoxville going back to Nov. 19Th there is a car that looks like a Morgan !! I think it was called a Barneli ?? V6 Ford auto $4.500.00 also in Athens—Dan R Ps…..Merry Xmas to all….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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