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Pedals and firewall wiring

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    Trying to install the clutch, brake and gas pedals on my CMC Ford kit and have very little room between the brake and gas pedals.  Does the brake pedal need to be heated and bent to the left to create room or is there another solution.


    It also looks like the distance from the clutch pedal to the clutch cable is several inches more than the length of the clutch clip.  Do i need to create some kind of extension for this?


    Looking for a picture of where the wiring harness is routed through the firewall.  The wiring diagram I have isn’t clear.  Looks like the main harness and both the front and rear harness connectors need to go through somewhere;


    So many questions- Thanks much.  When I get these solved I will be on the downside of this build!!



    PMOSSBERG2014-05-19 21:51:32



    I bent mine. I believe there is instructions in the manuals icon linked on the left.

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    doug schmidt


    I have a chevette based kit and , Yes the space is quite inadequate. I will post a photo soon. A lot of bending and creative placement to make it work. Especially if you have a clutch pedal to fit.

    Court Wizard


    I ended up not only bending the brake ped but I put the throttle a little in front so when I hit the brakes with my big feet I don’t hit the gas.
    When I’m driving my right foot is just under the edge of the brake.
    I don’t let anyone else drive her.

    No trees were injured in the making of this message, but some electrons were inconvenienced.



    Thanks for all the comments.  Need to get a torch to do some serious bending!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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