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    Michael Junge


    I’ve been through multiple posts here and on other forums.  Tried the tinfoil variations.  And other polishing ideas.  Before I throw in the towel and take it down to metal and paint (like I did with the light buckets) any other ideas on filling pits and gouges?  From a distance the grill looks OK (and way better than it was to begin with) but close up…not so much.



    Before for perspective:

    Now (badges and ornament works in progress):

    Pippa the War Pig
    Dayton MiGi riding on a 1968 VW Bug body

    Dennis Frey


    No pictures, but my project looks the same.  Like you, I’d be happy to find a cure.

    Eric Fowler


    Mine has some mild pitting and rust under the headlamp mount, as well as a wrinkled fin. Once I get the car through enhanced inspection, titled, and on the road, I’ll take the grill off the car, straighten the fin, then send it out to be re-chromed. While I’m at it, I’ll remove the crooked MG badge and put it back on straight. The previous owner hadn’t a clue how to measure, or even level by eye.  The marker lamps, headlamps, and mirrors are all crooked.

    1952 MG TD FiberFab MiGi, incomplete. 1974 Beetle tub, 1969 1500 cc single port.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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