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    Andre Boudreault


    What is the adventage of a front engine or adventage of a rear engine? I want to replace my TD replica and can not decide between a front or rear engine…

    Also, I saw that front engine kit has wider rear and front fenders, are they all like this?


    Larry Murphy


     Andre, Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Original MG’s were front engine so front engine replicas are somewhat more like the originals,but the VW based cars  are much simpler to build and maintain. Parts are still easy to come by for the VW’S.To my knowledge,FiberFab/Classic  Motor Carriage cars have the wide fenders,Classic Roadster Duchess and British Coach Works cars have regular size fenders on their front engine models. I think all rear engine cars have regular size fenders. In the end,it’s personal preference  which  you would rather have. The overall quality and condition of the car will have a lot to do with the choice as well.

    Steve Crites



    I agree with Larry, it’s just a personal choice. I looked for a front engine replica just because I’d had 4 VWs in the past.  They were easy to work on, reliable, and parts were easy to get. I have always kinda been a Ford guy and knew that the 2.3 L ford engines were also easy to get, easy to work on and put out a lot of power with the right parts. 

     So, my choice was just to have something different for me. If my front engine duchess had not been in such great shape and a VW was available I might have kept looking, or I might have my 5th VW. It’s all about want vs. need.

    You gotta love having a choice!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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