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    Rajeane Kane


    I’m finding out there a quite a few TD kits available out there, but I’m also hearing that not all the kits are considered accurate replicas and in some instances pretty bad?????? It’s been several years since I’ve had my TD so I don’t remember all the exterior and interior details but I saw one TD recently and it had early ’70’s VW taillight lenses. Not a big deal but I would like to know what is close to correct as possible. What are some good reference books, pics, etc: to get, to help verify reasonable accuracy? I understand FiberFab, BCW,and one other kit that I can’t remember right this second off the top of my head are some of the best.





    Unfortunately many replicar companies cut corners using parts

    such as the lights that were not authentic MGTD. I do not want

    to be critical of any of the other kits, since beauty is truly in the

    eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to a car that you

    built yourself and put your heart and soul into.   Rather, I would

    recommend that you find a British Coach Works car like I have

    if you are looking for authenticity. BCW made both front and

    rear engine kits. The fiberglass parts were of exceptional

    quality and came from the factory trimmed and predrilled.

    Practically all the accesory/trim parts on the car, other than the

    fiberglass body panels, were original MGTD parts purchased

    from Moss motors, a supplier of replacement TD parts.   BCW

    used the following original TD parts, windshield, front and rear

    lights, bumpers, fender mirrors, license lamp, door handles,

    hood support, door hinges, grill, rubber trim, and others.

    Original TD body panels were used to make all the body molds

    used for the fiberglass. BCW’s also have a real spare tire

    unlike some kits.

    The BCW company prided itself on making an authentic TD kit.

    My father and I choose to build a BCW over other kits 20 years

    ago because of this, and I feel that it was an extremely honest

    advertisement. If I were to do it all over again, I would chose

    BCW again, albeit I would probably build a front engine model

    instead. Hope that helps.


    Michael Pullen




    Brian is right on the money.  I have a Fiberfab kit myself and I have been throwing away and replacing junk parts ever since I started (re)building it.  A BCW kit, if quality is a concern, will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t be paying current Moss Motors prices for all the parts you will wish to replace.  My kit didn’t even have external door latches, and the ones inside looked like they came off a screen door. I paid hundreds of dollars for new ones from Moss and that is only one little detail of countless details.



    Rajeane Kane


      Thanks guys for all the iinfo, it’s been most helpful.  I’m now ready to go on a serious hunt for the right car for me.


    Paul Mossberg



    I agree with the comments re theBCW.

    Classic Roadsters’ Duchess was in the same league. except for the windshield frame, most of the hardware was reproduction MG TD pieces.

    I built my Duchess in 1983 and she’s still running and looking great.

    Paul Mossberg

    New Providence NJ

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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