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    Mark Hendrickson


    This message is directed at the newer forum members, but may be a help to some of us “old timers” too.

    I remember how great I felt when I first joined the “club” and knew there were a bunch of TD Replica owners out there that could now easily communicate. A wealth of knowledge just for a login ID and password…you gotta love it

    I have noticed that some of the newer members have been replying to posts that have a last activity date 3 or more years ago. I doubt if you will get answers to your questions this way. As with any “club” some of the original members seemed to have disappeared, or at least don’t post much any more, if at all. So, if you’re asking one of them a question, you probably aren’t going to get a reply. 

    So, before you ask questions or reply to a post, check out how old the last post date is. If it’s over a year old, it’s probably not going to get a reply.

    As Paul Mossberg suggested, post a new topic and use the topic you are speaking about as the subject of the topic. That way we know what’s up and it’s a current post.

    I check here everyday and search each topic by the latest posting date. That’s how I’ve been noticing this situation.

    Happy Holidays to all!



    I have Batch Closed old topics that haven’t been posted in 1 year or longer. These topics can no longer be posted in.

       If there is a topic that is “dead”, moderators can choose to lock it and leave it here for reference or if the topic is 100% useless, delete it as in the case with for sale items. 


    This topic is now Closed as well!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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