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    Bob Newland


    Hey guys, I think I can make this work!

    Here are some pics of my Rollbars. They are substantial, and may have to come out to fit a proper top. Also you can see that I have no front bumper. Not a good idea in Carolina!

    Also, notice how low it is in back. I’m thinking of correcting the situation with adjustable coilover shocks. Am I on the right path here?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Trial to narrow format 2/25/09


    Larry Murphy


     Hi Bob , That is a really nice TD . As you have already been told ,roll bars are rare on replicas,but would great to have in the event of a rollover.Yours look good and I like the panel that fits behind the seat too.Smile Is it made so it can be opened to use the storage area beneath it?  My cars are London Roadsters which use the MiGi body and have air shocks on the rear that do raise the height but also stiffen the ride.Good luck on your project, it is looking great.  What part of which Carolina  are you in? I’m in north central NC.

    Mark Hendrickson


    Your car is an IRS rear suspension and needs an aligment. It looks like too much negative camber. This will raise the rear correctly and not affect the ride. The front suspension needs the adjustable beam/leave removal mod to lower the front. Adding spring rate for ride height is not how to properly set up a suspension unless you like a brick like ride.

    Your windshield and frame look like they are cut down. To mount a top on your car, the roll bars are not the big problem. You’ll need to get a “stock” replica or OEM MG-TD windshield frame and glass to mount the front of your top. I suspect that is why the seller never put one on the car.

    It’s a nice looking ride…I’d leave it.


    Bob Newland


    Good Morning Larry:

    I’m in the Raleigh area.

    Let’s see, NC, NC — sounds like W-S or close by.

    What brand of shocks did you get and where? I’ve been looking, but haven’t found any yet. Are you using an on board compressor or just the air hose?

    I’d like to get the rear up, and the front down.

    Does this group ever have what we call in the TDI Club GTG’s (Get To Gethers)? It is a great venue for sharing information, and swapping tall tales. From what I have seen, there are a few of us in NC, VA, SC, and GA. I wish the Location info would let us get closer than just USA.

    Tell me more about your shocks. I think I am in agreement with Pink, that Coilovers may be a little too harsh.


    Larry Murphy


     Hi Bob,I’m in Reidsville ,north of Greensboro. First let me say put more trust in the advice that Pink MG & PMossburg give than thing I might say. They both have far more knowledge and years of experience compared to me .Sometimes I tend to cut corners and look for a cheaper way which is most likely not as good,however necessity has been called the mother of invention and she and I are well aqainted. London Roadsters were factory built so my air shocks were installed then.Perhaps some ”factory designer” thought ther needed a boost in the back end since all the people are sitting in the back seat so to speak.I will try to get you a brand and # if they are still visible.They just pump up with an air hose.Hope this is of help to you.

    Paul Mossberg


    Hey Bob,

    I second Mark’s (PinkMG)’s comment. Get the rear aligned before you do anything else. If it’s just ride height that is an issue after that, there are adjustable settings on the rear torsion tubes.

    Larry is correct that a VW based TD kitcar has a rear bias to the weight distribution.

    But…and it’s a big but (no pun intended), our kits are much lighter than the stock Type 1 VW. You don’t want or need todo anything to stiffen the rear suspension.

    At the front end, you want to soften the suspension by removing some or all of the smaller bars in the two torsion tubes. And you’ll need to install an adjustable beam to reset the ride height.

    Read all about it here: =torsion+bars+front

    And now, on behalf of current and future forum readers…we aren’t doing anyone any favors by having so many different discussions on one thread. The topic on this thread is roll bar piics and here we are talking about rear suspensions. And front suspentions.

    A rule to live by (or at least to post by)…if it is a new topic, make it a new post.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

    Gabor Kesseru


    OK, since the subject is roll-bars, here’s one. It’s from a junkyard Kia Sportage and has been shortened 9 inches and narrowed about a foot, installed backward so it will fit within the wheel housings. It will be removable, being bolted directly to brackets welded to the frame arches.

    And here it is behind a test seat. The seat, by the way is the back seat from my Mustang II donor car. Like it was made for this. It will later receive the red upholstery that came with my kit.

    edward ericson


    Ver’ cool!

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