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    Hubert Atkinson


    Got the car up on jackstands today.  Was very relieved to see there doesn’t appear to be any rusted out places on the pan.  However, it is -very- rusty, and I’m afraid that if I don’t do something, it will start getting holes.   So, looking for a rust remover product that I can apply, and then paint over without having to wash off with water.  Looking for suggestions?



    Look for “rust converters” rather than “rust removers” — the converters act in place, converting the rust to a solid surface, while removers are intended to clear it away, usually by washing.

    If you plan to do LARGE areas, you may want to consider this one, since it is available in gallon jugs, at a price lower than Eastman’s or other auto restoration shops:
    Read and follow the directions carefully, cleaning off the loose, flaky stuff before you coat it, and then once it is dry, paint over it with either a brush (using something like Rustoleum) or good quality spray paint.

    Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
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    Hubert Atkinson


    Thank you.  That looks exactly like what I was looking for.

    Paul Mossberg


    Paint over the rust converter with Por 15. I’ve never used it. But I know guys that swear by the stuff.

    Paul Mossberg
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    POR-15.  I’ve used it a few times.  Expensive but worth it.  Super good stuff for rust and it works good also for crapped up gas tanks (although a new VW tank is not much more expensive and is preferred).

    greg press


    Yesterday I used a product called Castrol Super Clean and it was the best cleaning product I have ever used and it was very inexpensive also.I used it as a degreaser and parts cleaner . I removed doors to replace door edging sprayed it on and wiped the crud off I tried on some of my antique tool and I was amazed at how good they looked . After doing a little research . The product says it will degrease engines, remove rust, clean spots off carpets, clean wax of cars etc. The best part is you can buy for under $10.00 at ace hardware and maybe walmart .



    I used some stuff called POR to cover the light rust on the floor-board of my 63 Willys 4wd truck when I replaced the one piece rubber floor pad on the cab floor.  Two or three coats of POR on both sides of the floor and the rust was sealed completely and no longer able to get wet and further oxidize.  It worked great ….But it’s nasty smelling stuff that recommends wearing an air mask and takes 24 hours to dry.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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