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    Digby Morrow


    We just bought our first Fiberfab TD Replica and love it.  However, has anybody managed to get the steering wheel a comfortable distance away from the chest?  Not complaining, but it feels as though the top of the wheel is almost under my chin .  Or maybe it’s just soemthing to get used too…..

    Larry Murphy


     Hi and welcome to the forum.

     A couple of questions about the steering wheel to seat spacing.

     Is the steering wheel flat or dished 

      Can the seat back be moved closer to the rear of the car?

      Are the pedals located in a comfortable position in relation to the seat position?

     Would it be possible to shorten the steering column or is the wheel already as close to the dash as possible?

     Look at the cars in the members photo gallery at the top right of this page and see how your cars spacing compares with the others.

    edward ericson


    You’ll get used to it. The “closeness” in these cars is very different from what we’re used to, but a lot of it is function of the car’s dimensions. The windshield is almost upright, for instance. Your other car’s windshield is on at least a 35 degree slope. So the dashboard on your modern car is about two feet deep. Whereas the TD’s dash is about 8 inches deep. And so on.

    It feels closer because it IS closer, and that seems weird at first. But unless it’s uncomfortable, don’t even think about changing it. You’ll adjust very quickly and soon your modern car’s dimensions will feel alien.

    Digby Morrow


    Thanks everybody.  I’ve decided to give it some time.  I think part of the problem is that the seats are a little two low for my short frame, but I’ve figured out how to raise them a little.  We’ll see how it goes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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