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    edward ericson


    Forum’s quiet these days. Too quiet . . .

    Too hot this weekend to do much cruising, decided to install the original TD seat back adjusters I scored on Ebay. Paid something like $5, and they look it. “Nice patina,” I’d call it. Someone painted them black at some point to hide the rust. I took a wire brush to them and most of the chrome flaked off. So, that’s shiny metal underneath, right? Sprayed ’em with lacquer and bent them in a vice with the 3-lb sledge (not in that order) so they’ll mount on Bridget’s rather-more-sloped-than-an-original-TD wheel wells.

    Drilled through the tub…found out there’s two layers there with a bit of an air space in between…made some backing plates out of galvanized stuff, bolted them through, screwed the sliders into the seat backs with brass wood screws.

    et voila

    only trouble is, I only got one wingbolt with my purchase. I am still so new and stupid I figured I could substitute a different bolt or even buy another wing bolt from Moss. (Someone said they were $8.95 there).

    No sign of them on Moss’s site…

    And no bolts I had–inch or metric–would thread into these brackets without binding right up. I tried matching the wingbolt I had against other bolts–doesn’t match anything I had handy, so…

    I jammed this bolt in a few turns and bought a SS wingnut at Home Depot to tighten.

    Pretty hick, I know.

    BUT it works. I can actually lean my seat forward and it holds, or set it farther back where it’s always been.

    Just didn’t like those angle brackets with the little sheet metal screws.

    Anyway, if anyone spots (or has) one of the original 3-point wing nuts please let me know. I’d even accept a shiny one!

    Dan Rosa


     Ed ,,it looks Goodand works.. “hick” well if it works as good as it looks, like it should  it is perfect I did the same but my inside bracket is an air conditioner PTAC leveler adjuster bracket it works to,,,, comfort is king….. Dan

    edward ericson


    Thanks Dan. I heard most guys use boat hatch equipment. I’d like to see a photo of your rig.

    I actually found three sources for the wing bolt today, including Moss. But two sources (english and another to which I don’t have the link handy) want about $8 for the part and $12 to ship from the UK.

    Moss, which wants $9.45 for the part, won’t ship anything until you order at least $10 worth!

    Then I noticed I put my seat brackets in backwards.

    If I turn them around I can get the sliders another 2 inches closer to the edge on either side… if I want to drill two more holes in my fender wells.

    Richard Wobby


    nice job, I thought I was the hick

    edward ericson


    Thanks, Rich. You might be a hick if . . .

    you go hunting with no particular quarry in mind.

    you shield your eyebrows when lighting your smoking material from the bonfire.
    you stash your already-lit M-1000 in the fender well of a nearby pickup truck when the police cruiser shows up at your party, then casually try to act surprised when it blows up. . . and the cop goes away like nothing happened. [Craftsbury banjo contest, circa 1988]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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