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    Jerry Van Avery


    I hate to ask this question but. I was starting to replace the carpeting on my BCW MGTD and I can not figure out how to remove the seat back. I looked at the online manuals and they don’t match the BCW. I have the top loose but the bottom with pivit forward but I can not see what is holding it down. If you have the bcw manual or have removed your seat back on a BCW please tell me the trick. I would rather not break things.

    Thanks for the help.  
    Dan Rosa


    Jerry , mine has a hing at the bottom of the seat back good luck  Dan



    Not certain on a BCW but the FiberFab seat back has two hinges but they are hidden behind the carpet on the rear of the seat back. Check to see if possibly that’s how yours is set up.

    Allen Caron
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    Larry Murphy


     On my BCW ,the seat back is attached with  a hinge on each side at the bottom.A bolt runs thru the body and the nut on it is accessable under the rear fender. The bolts go thru the carpet also.

    edward ericson


    The BCW seat back is attached on the bottom by two bolts. Reach under the car from just ahead of the rear wheel well and you should find a nut and fender washer on each side. Remove them and the seat back should lft out. You’ll find the bolts are held captive somehow in the plywood back.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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