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    Bill Stuck


    I have just installed the top and with minor adjustments it fits great.  The kit is a Fiberfab Chevette kit.  Now — looking at the side curtain design –how would I get in and close the curtain.  I guess the only way would be to leave the front snaps snapped, then get in the car, zip the zipper for top and back of curtain — then with my hand through the curtain snap the  bottom.  

    I have not installed the side curtain and I am thinking that someone has certainly come up with a better way to secure it.  (Velcro, small straps, hooks, magnets????)

    How does the actual MGTD do it?


    James Cochran


    My side curtains have a flap door that allows you to reach out and snap it tight from inside. Then zip up the flap door on the inside. You can see the flap in this photo. The entire thing is awkward, but does work when you do need the side curtains. Usually we keep the curtains rolled up and stored behind the seat bases.

    edward ericson


    The side curtains on original TDs (and the Allisons) have a metal frame which allows yout to have the top down with sidescreens up. Pretty slick!

    Then again, getting that mess to work right can be a real chore, as this thread in one of the TD forums shows. (This is a great resource for anyone interested in trying to make a replicar more authentic looking–shows a three-bow top fit, inside and out, as the car was going together).

    Bridget’s nice, tight-fitting side screens have a flap cut near the bottom so you can reach out and snap or sntap them as needed. I imagine you could also pay a toll through it, or maybe even use an ATM, but accepting a Happy Meal from a drive-up window would be impossible.

    You can see the flap on this photo:

    The good news is our system is simpler & maybe more durable than MG’s 60-year-old concept.

    Larry Murphy


     Hi Gang, I attach my side curtains using a snap on each top bow just under the edge of the top.Between the front bow and the windshield, I use velcro.The front edge of the curtain is held against the windshield frame by two short straps that slip in between the windshield frame and the wind wing.I replaced the knurled nut on the lower windwing hinge with a small bolt that has a male snap,the bottom strap connects to it with a female snap.The top strap connects to a male snap on the front top bow that fits to the top of the windshield. I have also made a quarter window for the left side to use on days when it’s too hot for all the windows but too cool to take them all out.

     Ed thanks for the MG link. Good info with pics to show how they work. I’m still dreaming about making up a MG style set of frames for the front .It would be nice to just open the door and get out and back in without snaps,zippers and velcro.



    I have a CMC FiberFab kit and my top is a two bow top. The side curtains/panels have a flap just above the top edge of the door that you can put you hand through and snap the sides down.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
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