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    Bill Stuck


    Another question for the experts and innovators.  

    The tire support ring on my kit seams to be trimed too small. With the cover in place, by laying it horizonal and putting the flat to one side it will slip through the hole and you can put it in place.  HOWEVER, because of this small size — there really is not enough material to drill the six  5/16 holes ( or even 1/4 ) around the ring for mounting  and have any edge distance at all.

    I would imagine that the bottom flat takes most of the weight of the tire and support ring ( a total of 50 pounds), since the tire is raised slightly by the HAT portion. The top section likely gets quite a bit of both push and pull pressures as the car moves.  

    Have any of you had this problem?   SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.  850 240 0941


    Dan Rosa


     Bill I think i would make a big square out of 3X16  by 7/8  mild  steel stock after welding I would glue it to the tank cover on the under side drill and tap where i would mount the[ HAT ] bolts  top middle , both sides and 2 on the bottom just a thought,, Good Luck —  Dan

    edward ericson


    I might go on the Bay & see if I could grab a TD spare tire mount assembly & adapt it to my kit. But I don’t know if it would fit, and I don’t know how much this puppy will end up going for.

    The other alternative is to get one fabbed out of mild tube steel. Might not be that much $ (maybe a friendly muffler shop guy might try it?), and IMHO it would look better (or at least, more TD-esque) than the “hat” assembly the kit came with.

    Actually, what I would really do is try to JB Weld or marine epoxy the part in, as is, and hope is doesn’t break. But I would never advise anyone to be as sloppy and careless as me.

    Paul Mossberg


    The original style you found is meant to be bolted to a steel body…NOT to fiberglass. It’ll be a challenge to modify it for your replica and have it secure enough.

    Not sure how your kit was designed, but usually, there is a steel support on the back side of the fiberglass, and the tire mount either bolts through the fiberglass and backing steel or it bolts through the z-bars that hold the engine (VW) / tank (Ford or Chevy) cover.


    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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