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    Mike P


    Hi folks,

    new member here, with a VW London roadster, built in 1981 and imported into Ontario Canada by myself approx 2 years ago.

    The question is has anyone used an actual MG TD full tonneau cover for their London Roadster. I spoke with folks at Moss and requested dimensions of their TD covers. They appear to be within 1″ of each  measurement that I have on my roadster. Of course the fasteners are not installed so allowing for slight variations. Any advice will be appreciated.



    edward ericson


    Our cars tend to be a little bigger than the originals. Not saying I know it won’t fit, but for the money I’d buy a bolt of vinyl or canvas, a big zipper and some snaps from somewhere like this and make the thing myself. Or try to get my wife to do it.

    Dale Schumacher



    I did take a chance on a used one on the bay and was able to install it on my Fiberfab replica. It worked fine front to back and side to side, but was short at the door area ( at the dip down area ). I had my wife sew on a flap and rite died the whole thing black. Have been using it for about 2 years. It is the full type w/ a zipper up the middle.

    I also had my wife make a vinyl 1/2 type which only covers the rear behind the seats – I do not even have a top for my ride. When it rains you just duck and go faster

    Mike P


    Thanks Edsnova and Schu replies appreciated,

    I think I will take a chance and purchase one-it will not be from Moss but is one of similar size & make. from the measurements they gave to my questions it will probably come out similar to yours Schu-a little bit of fixing only (hope). As we use the car all summer I think the tonneau cover when the car is left mall car parks etc will be a bit of a deterent to unwanted attention. It seems to get a lot.

    The duck and drive faster seems a great philosophy – even when not raining! – Just gotta convince the wife.



    Mike P’
    Try MG Magic. They carry them. Give them a call and tell them which TD kit you have and they’ll get it straight for you.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    Mike P



    I will give them a call

    chuck schmit


    I bought one for my MiGi from mgmagic and it is really nice. The quality is better than I could ever have done. I fit it really tight to the existing snap locations and it looks great. Next time I would leave it a little looser! Easier on-off.

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