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  • I grew up in minnesota where winter is 6 months long! I traded that for earthquakes and sunami’s! On these beautiful spring dats it all seems worth it. i have had more furn with my migi than any other car i’ve ever owned (over 100).  I sold my MGB after it just sat in my garage for a year. I don’t even own a top for MiGi, just the tonneau.
    Have…[Read more]

  • I’m with ed on the ride height. It’s gotta be close to level and we’re pretty much stuck with the rear height. I get the smell of “burnin rubba”on hard right turns, so the narrower front beam would be great!Are there any wheels avail with more offset to bring the tires in a bit more?chuck

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    The dual carbs on my 1600 DP fit in my MIGI OK. I have the aluminum manifolds which seem to go almost straight up and not curve out like yours. I’ll take some photos if you like?

  • OOps I shuda previewed this post!

  • That is one nice set-up!

  • There is a company in San Diego advertizing body parts ,interiors and all the stuff that MGMagic used to carry. I sent them an e-mail and will let you know when they will be cranked up and really selling parts.

  • I had almost the same scenario with my MiGi (no name yet, except Chitty Bang Bang from my housemate).
    Car bottomed out the shocks
    I got shorter shocks
    100% improvement in ride
    now had tie rods hitting underside of body
    Flipped the tie rod ends
    Now have ferder/tire interference
    Looking for bottoming out snubbers to go on the shocks and shock ex…[Read more]

  • I had muffler heat problems melting the fiberglass panel that sits right above it so I lined that panel with an aluminum sheet and ran the sheet all the way up to the V/W sheet metal. I agree with the idea that the fan should not be sucking in all that hot air.
    My al sheet solved the melting problem, anyway!

  • I bought one for my MiGi from mgmagic and it is really nice. The quality is better than I could ever have done. I fit it really tight to the existing snap locations and it looks great. Next time I would leave it a little looser! Easier on-off.

  • What a great job of documenting this job!
    My young friend did it on his first car and commented that it was a PITA and there was LOTS of grease!
    I was going to raise my front end an inch or 2, but after seeing what you went through I’ll be happy with the way it is.
    I reversed or “flipped” my tie rod ends to improve the geometry and give me more…[Read more]

  • I just flipped my tie rods over to be below the arms. Cip1 has the little sleave you need. This corrects the geometry and keeps the tie rods from hitting the body. Also prevents “bump steer” on lowered cars.

  • I like the red and white TOO! Sharp Car!

  • Mycar came with the fender mounted mirrors and a round Harley mirror on the dash. I could see a spot right behind me but nothing to either side so I put a TD style mirror on the dash and that works great. I bought a left side mirror from Mg Magic that clamps onto the windshield and it works great! I had to insert a chunk of aluminum into the…[Read more]

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    The boat repair/repainter I bought my MiGi from sugested painting with a high quality and durable paint called Imron (by DuPont, I believe). He even offered to paint it for me if I did the prep work. I would probably not paint a fiberglass car black because it shows all the little imperfections that are inherant to fiberglass. Did you ever notice…[Read more]

  • I have the cut and weld lowering on my fiberfab MiGi. I’ve made some adjustments to deal with the ride height as it came to me. It looks and rides good now. But…
    If I were to start from scratch I would put in adjusters, get the narrowed front beam, remove some leaves and put on dropped spindles (Might as well do disc brakes while you are at…[Read more]

  • It appears the body is in the way, even if you remove the fenders.
    My carwas just a little too low for me so I put on gas charged Monroes and it raised my rear a little over an inch.
    The notion that yoiu can’t use gas charged shocks on a VW is not so in my humble opinion. These shocks are also full of oil.
     It would be better to do all the ride…[Read more]

  • I agree with Ed, it’s a lot of fun and usually rewarding to start the engine up -right now!
    air cooled engines are the most fun cuz you can sit in a wagon and hook up a battery and a gas line and fire-away!
    They sound really powerful  with no exhaust system and the torque nearly tips them over when you rev it up.
    Vw engines are cheap and easy to…[Read more]

  • the traditional way to wire an inline ampmeter is to run a wire from the big  term on the starter (which also has the batt cable on it) to term “A” of the ampmeter. Term “B” gets the wire from the alt and the main power line for the rest of the car( fuse box etc) My MiGi came to me wired wrong, with the alt feeding into term A. The harness was evi…[Read more]

  • If you have all of the air out of the system, you can pull the hand brake and adjust the front shoes very tight, then try your pedal. It should be hard and high then. I fit’s not then you still have some air in the system and you can buy a little pump and bleed from the wheels back to the masted cyl to try to get it out. I presume you were…[Read more]

  • The previous owner of my MiGi cut a big hole in the under-butt board and put a rubber diaphram or strap across the hole to soften the seat a bit. I replaced the board with a solid piece and recovered it and thought that I had improved things until I drove it for a half hour and got a bruised butt. I also didn’t like sitting that much higher.…[Read more]

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