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    Ryan Mendonca


    Need a replacement top and windows for a London Roadster. Considering attempting to fabricate them myself. Anyone ever done this yourself?

    If you have recommendations for where to buy though, chances are I’m gonna end up buying if I can find ones that fit, but concerned I won’t be able to find them. Do actual TD tops and windows fit a London Roadster replica? Guessing not??

    Also recommendations for a car cover. Don’t really plan on parking outside on a regular basis, but occasionally like to drive it to the mountains and want a cover to put on if I go for a hike. I’ve seen plenty of covers online. Do all the ones that fit TDs also fit London Roadsters or are the body dimensions different enough that you need something different?



    I ended up with outdoor cover for a ‘52 MG TD from California Car Cover Co. The London Roadster is a little smaller than a real TD, so the fit is loose. Yet it stays on and keeps weather out. It does not keep the feral cats from sleeping in it.



    I’ll be getting a new top for my London Roadster hopefully this year. Any convertible top shop or sail maker probably could make one.

    edward ericson


    The original top might fit. But I wouldn’t chance it. All the different kit brands are a little different from each other and a little different from the original item.

    Best thing is find a place that makes Bimini tops for boats. Extra points if the old top is good enough to take a pattern from.

    I would not DiY this job without a big walking foot sewing machine like upholstery shops use, and the skills to make it do what it’s supposed to.

    Al Greig


    Agree with Ed.  When I had my top made about 20 years ago the canvas shop wanted about $150 more than the stock top from MG Magic.  As a plus they inserted a nylon piece at front of top where it goes into the slot in windshield frame.  I have never had an issue with top coming off at speed.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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