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    Charles Niedzialkowski


    Hot tip !! For those of you who go to a true (or close to it) zero dish steering

    wheel I have a suggestion. While I had the wheel off I bought a new turn

    signal unit from CIP1. The original VW bug unit would not clear the zero

    dish wheel but I was able to get a VW bus unit to slide right in and

    everything lined up. The bus turn signal is a straight shot out from the

    steering wheel, no curve towards the wheel. The turn signal stalk is a big

    “longish” but works fine and could be trimmed off if you did not like the

    look. It was a lot easier to mount the entire bus unit than to try to switch

    out the stalk.

    I have the beetle unit if anyone wants it for cheap. $20 and I will ship it to

    you! I could not send it back and don’t want it in the parts bin.   Chuck     &nb sp; 

    edward ericson


    Nice idea, Chuck. The Bus wheels were big and flat (17 inches), so it makes sense that the stalks would clear. And now we know that they’ll swap into our columns. Or your column, at least. What year is your column, and what years will the bus stalk fit?

    Roland Smullen


    When I got my car, the signals didn’t work, and when I moved the wheel forward, wasn’t room for a replacement anyway. Not knowing about the bus option, I drill a hole in the dash near the left side of the wheel that I could reach with my little finger with my hand on the wheel. I installed and wired a “on-off-on” toggle switch. Now I just flick up for right , and down for left , and the flashing dash light reminds me to recenter the toggle if I forget , as us old guys are prone to do…laugh. Works really well.

    Stephen Chuck


    I used to have one of those switches on the dash of my 62 midget.  I think it was factory though as it was right in the middle of the dash.  Yeah, you have to remember to cancel it, but it was simple and it WORKED!  🙂

    Paul Allain


    I have the same problem. I use the turn signal and forget to reset it. The lights on the dash work but I don’t always notice them. So I got a piezzo buzzer from Radio shack and conneted it across the turn signal relay. It continues to beep till I bring the turn signal back to center. Works for me.

    Roland Smullen


    Good one ! I’ll do that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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