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    Michael Davis


    Does anyone, or has anyone, use U-joints in their steering shafts on VW based kits? I’m asking because my steering shaft doesn’t quite line up with my steering box, and seems to be putting¬† a bind on the coupler. And I figure a bind on the coupler means a bind on the steering box bearings. It just doesn’t seem to turn as freely as what I think it should when both wheels are jacked up off the ground.

    Eric Fowler


    The builder of my MiGi used the column and shaft out of a Super Beetle, it has a U-joint just inside the firewall which makes the angle at the rag joint reasonable.

    1952 MG TD FiberFab MiGi, incomplete. 1974 Beetle tub, 1969 1500 cc single port.

    edward ericson


    You should be able to line everything up by loosening the steering box mounting bolts and clocking it slightly. As I recall, there is a “stop” of some sort on the beam or mounting frame that should have (probably had to be!) been cut off during the kit’s assembly, allowing the steering box to spin more fully on the top tube. That’s what makes it possible to set the steering wheel way back where it is and have the shaft angle work with the rag joint.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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