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    Mark Konrad


    Has anyone installed new upholstery from Moss Motors, i.e. interior door panels and seat covers?  Is it difficult where I as a DIY could do it or should I have a shop put it in?  Got all the mechanical done now just the interior and she will be ready to roll, can’t wait.  



    Havn’t done mine yet. You should be able to handle it as its stretching fabric over foam and stapling it to wood. Be patient, go slowly, and before you know it, you’ll be done and feel fantastic that you did it. And remember…this IS a (and I hate this phrase) kit car.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    Larry Murphy


     Hi Mark, Your signature says MGTD VW. I don’t think a Moss interior upholstry kit will fit your car.One of our members tried to use a Moss kit in his British Coach Works car and was only able to use the seat cover part of the kit. Most replicas use carpet material on the side panels and the area behind the seats and vinyl material on the seats and doors. If you want to use a precut and sewn upholstery kit,you may find what you need at MG Magic. They recently moved to California but are still in business. A local upholstery shop could be the route to go especially for the seats . The carpets and panels are doable by a do it yourselfer,just make patterns out of cardboard and cover with the material that you choose. They are held in place with a combination of trim screws and glue.

    edward ericson


    Hey Mark, ditto what Larry said re Moss’s TD interior kit. The guy who tried it gave me the stuff left over from his kit after he did the seats–which worked fine, he said. The door panels would not work in his or mine. They were just a bit too large in some dimensions and too small in others. Heart breaking, really, as it’s a very fine kit. The vinyl bits that surround the doors, the kick panels and the wheel well covers are all incompatible with a VW-based kit. I took photos and then copied the style as best I could with sheet vinyl and hidem strip purchased from a Florida outlet called Beacon Fabric and Notions. They were very helpful.

    I’ve been meaning to post details of this project on my blog but haven’t got down to it. Also, I got about halfway into the door panel job before deciding that, after all, the old ones were good enough for now. Not an easy job making those pockets. I do plan to take another crack at it in the off season though.

    Anyway, all to say, don’t buy the Moss Interior Kit. It won’t work. The seat covers might though, especially if you have split seats as in the original. Big bux but, hey, English leather! The smell alone is probably worth it.


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