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    Does anyone know the largest engine that will fit in a TD replica?

    I have a CMC kit and a 78 Pinto or MustangII chassis.

    Any input would be great, thanks in advance!



    Please, anybody?

    Steve Crites


    Hi Geoff

    I don’t have any first hand info on V8 swaps in the TD replicas, but
    I’ll throw in my two cents worth on engine swaps in general.
    Measurement of physical sizes should be easy to obtain on the web. The
    radiator size for a V8 isn’t the problem it used to be since you can
    get very efficient 4 row and electric fans that can cool a V8. Steering
    columns can be moved, exhaust can be custom made, and motor mounts can
    be fabricated. So, in short, you could put in any engine that
    physically fits.  (Imagine a Flathead Ford in one.).

    Physical size aside, is the frame on your TD strong enough? 

    Is the drive train strong enough?  Mine isn’t.  Borrowing from some
    friends experiences, it’s real easy to mismatch components and end
    chasing your tail trying to get things to keep from breaking.

    Again, just my 2 cents, it’s not something I think I would do. If you decide to do a V8, have fun and please post some pictures.


    Mark Hendrickson


    Great advice Ringo.

    Adding a V8 is not just pop it in the car. These cars, especially the CMC front engine cars, do not have a frame designed to take the torque/hp of a V8.

    Then there are fitment problems galore with the transmission, rear end and rear suspension change required to do this.

    In the end, the car’s handling is terrible (nose heavy), it’s not a really nice drive or ride. I have a Fox Body Mustang road racer that weighs 2,400 pounds and has a mildly built 5.0L V8. It’s set up to handle the torque and horsepower, but is still a handful on the street.


    Pink MG39826.600474537

    Rich Bellefeuille



    Ran across this on  Craigs List http://prescott.craigslist.org/cto/964902173.html

    Just in case you can’t connect to the add, it;s an MG Hot Rod in what looks like a FiberFab body/chassis. it has a 350CU IN/45 HP engine in it. Doesn’t look to be too heavily modified. Does sound like he did some suspension work. Coincidentally he’s in Arizona!



    Mark Hendrickson


    I’m sure there is more than just “some suspension work”. I’ll bet if you went to talk to the guy you’d see it’s been extremely modified. I’ve seen at least 10 of these cars over the years on Craig’s List, eBay, etc. They were primarily Drag Race oriented cars that give up ride and handling to go fast in a straight line.

    To fit a V8 drivetrain, the firewall, floor, frame and rear suspension need to be HEAVILY modified requiring much special fabrication. You’d also be well served with a roll cage, fuel cell, racing seats and harnesses, not to mention larger brakes all around and a larger rear end too. Good luck if this is your plan…it’s not an easy job.



    Thanks to all who replied!!! This is just an idea I am mulling around. It seems that most people think it’s a bad idea, and their arguments are rather convincing.

    It seemed like it would be a fun project to keep me occupied for a while with great rewards. But now it seems like it might be more like a long headache with great dispair!

    I lone my TD the way it is, maybe I’ll get a model t kit someday and put a v8 in it instead!

        Thanks again for everyone’s expertise and input. As always I appreciate it.

       PS Rich thanks for the link, that car is hot!

    check this one out- http://www.planetearthautos.com/show_veh.asp?veh=1242

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