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VA Beach 2015

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    edward ericson


    Great shots, Vicenc. Looking through the Flicker files, there are some great potential calendar shots there. Some of the pics of your car have just stunning, etherial color saturation.

    It’d be great if folks could send me some hi-res ones from those files. (I can’t swipe them off Flicker with enough pixels to make a calendar).
    Vicenç Feliú


    Ed, if you have some shots in mind for the calendar, you’ll have to contact the person that posted them for the files.  I have a couple of ideas in mind:

    From John Barry – (This would be great for December.)

    Vicenç - (bee sense)
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    1983 FiberFab MiGi II - "Montse"

    edward ericson


    Your timely calendar photo reminder: Boys, please send what gorgeous car shots you have, in jpeg format, file sizes over a megabyte (2 is better) to edwardericsonjr

    lookin’ good!
    john barry


    thxz Ed several of my pic were too small.I will re-size with file size 1 megabyte or bigger. I  love this composition of the young man checking out the flat four in wonderment !!

    edward ericson


    Annnd I can’t wait to unveil the great shot Jon Polivka just sent me.

    The rest of you: this’ll be last call for calendar shots. Thank you all for playing.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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