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    John McDermon


    Am finishing up a Chevette based Fiberfab/CMC MG TD kit car that was started in the ’80s by the previous owner but never completed.  It is mine now, and I’m pouring lots of time and a bit of money into it.

    I have noticed that there are several gaps between the fiberglas floorboard panels and adjacent areas that will need to be sealed.  In some places it is fairly close fit, but a few gaps of an inch or more exist.  As the fiberglas panels are not infinitely flexible, I suspect this is a common situation.  Just not sure what the common solution is…

    What is the correct way to fill and seal these gaps?  They will be covered by upholstery and only visible from underneath the car.  It seems important that they be weather tight to keep the carpet dry.  Is there a special material that should be used to plug these gaps? 

    A few other gaps around the firewall also could use such treatment.   I suppose I could fiberglas over these area(s), but should I?  That would impose a very rigid body fitment that would seem prone to cracking if the frame flexed even a tiny bit. 

    Ideas welcome.





    Steve Crites



    I’d go with fiberglas, I doubt you would get enough frame flex to worry about with a 4 banger.  The other choices have their own problems and fiberglas is much more adaptable. Just my .02 worth.

    Good luck with the project.


    Mark Hendrickson


    Ringo hit the nail on the head…fiberglass in the gaps. There won’t be enough frame flex to damage and crack it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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