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  • Just wanted to share that I did successfully sell my MG TD Chevette to a local young guy.  He’s a bit of a tinkerer and I’m hoping he enjoys working on it as much as I have.   I made him a deal at $4,000.  Including a brand new top and like-new tonneau cover that have never been installed.I then spent a week searching the internet for my next toy…[Read more]

  • Responses on my Craigslist ad have been slower than I had hoped.  

    I got a PayPal purchase scam offer within hours of posting it – from a guy who claimed he was off-shore as a marine biologist and wanted to buy it sight unseen for his son.  His plan was to PayPal me more than I was asking so that I could pay cash to his “agent” when she picked up t…

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  • Hey
    Paul,When I think back 6 years I realize that I have truely enjoyed this car.  And I realize now that I spent more hours working on it than I ever did driving it.  So most of my enjoyment has been building the car!  She is fun to drive.  But the wife says that if I want a toy vehicle it needs to be a bit more practical for longer trips that…[Read more]

  • John McDermon replied to the topic Engine computer in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 14 years ago

    I’ve never even seen the computer for my car.  The wiring harness has a connector that I presume is meant for the computer, but the connector is simply tied up (unused) under the dash.  The computer on these cars was not an integral part of the engine’s operating needs.  I think it basically took the O2 sensor (also not installed on my car) and us…[Read more]

  • John McDermon replied to the topic Engine computer in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 14 years ago

    My CMC MGTD has an ’87 Chevette engine.  The computer was never installed after the engine transplant.   In fact, as the car was partially assembled when I bought it in 2008 I never even saw a computer. 
    I also eliminated the emission air pump that feeds air into the exhaust manifold.  And I got rid of numerous unnecessary plumbing pieces on an…[Read more]

  • Geoff,
    My memory is foggy on this (and many other things! lol), but I seem to recall that there is a wiring connection on the top side of the engine (in the area between the carb and the valve cover.)  It may relate to energizing some of the EPA equipment.  But it must be connected to relay power to the coil. 
    Good luck.  If I get time I’ll r…[Read more]

  • Thanks Mark – good info.
    I’ve not bothered our friend Rick Drake on this one.  He’s done so much for me that I’m trying to handle it myself.  A buddy at work brought me a pair of spring isolators from a 4 cyl Mustang that visually look like they may fit.  I’ll have to pull the spring again (I had put it back together in a rush so the wife coul…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ringo,  I’ve emailed Jegs to see if they have info on which size I need to order.  Worst case I’ll pull mine again and measure them like I should have done last time!  🙂

  • Geoff,
    My PVC valve (the plastic elbow) was badly cracked and I was having similar issues with both a surging idle and occassional momentary loss of power at 2000-3000 rpm.  Replaced the PVC valve (along with the cracked plastic elbow) and it immediately smoothed out and ran like it should.  Replacement cost was about $2.
    Good luck.  And let us kn…[Read more]

  • James is spot on with regards to the quality of this handle.  And for just under $8 it cannot be beat.  My local Northerntool didn’t carry them, but I was able to buy it online and have it shipped to the store without any shipping charges.
    One more item bites the dust on my to-do list.

  • James it sounds like I’m plowing the same ground you did.  I build my seat mount boxes 1″ lower than the original fiberglass ones but it isn’t yet low enough.  I’m going to lower it another 1 1/2″ this time with the back side even lower.  Tilting the seat back has really helped comfort for driver and passenger.
    I ordered the Norther Tool ha…[Read more]

  • There is a Northern Tools about 30 miles from here.  Will try to get by and see if they have one in stock. 
    James – as you’ve apparently seen these in person can you advise if they’re as smooth on the unseen side as they appear to be on the top surface?  If so I may well go that way… 
    The marine source has stainless steel grab rails that hav…[Read more]

  • It is Painless PN 10101.

    I think that means it is for the GM column.

    Will throw in a foot activated dimmer switch that I had
    purchased intending to use but since my column operated
    dimmer turned out to work fine I didn’t use the floor
    mounted one.

    ******** SOLD 9-17-09 ********


  • One thing I meant to contribute regarding the MG Magic wire wheels.  They are TUBELESS.  Although they are true wire wheels – the manufacturer has installed a sealed band inside the hub that separates the spoke holes from the inner hub space where the tire mounts.  I was skeptical at first – but all 5 tires have held air properly for about 9 mo…[Read more]

  • Larry
    It was a pleasure to meet you and Becky on this beautiful day.  And I appreciate the chance to look over the two really great MG TD replicas in your stable.  As a relative newcomer to the replica car world it is always helpful to see how things have been done on some of the nicer cars.   Mark’s PinkMG is certainly an eye catcher.  I plan…[Read more]

  • I appreciate all the guidance.  Looking at the side curtains I received it would appear they are designed to fit on the windshield frame sides in an identical manner to the top edge.  There are three pieces of lexan (1/8″ x 1/2″) with one piece the width of the windshield and the other two the height.  The leading edge of the side curtains have po…[Read more]

  • Brian,
    I’m not too far away in Rural Hall, NC 10 miles north of Winston-Salem.  About 80 miles or so from Hickory.
    I bought my replica MG TD last October – a Chevette based CMC kit that has had several prior owners.  I bought it partially assembled.  It had the basic running gear, but the body was not fully assembled, nor did it have any useab…[Read more]

  • Dan,
    Not terribly close to Cherokee.  But I’ve been nearby in Maggie Valley now and then on my motorcycle.  I live in Rural Hall, NC (10 miles north of Winston-Salem).
    The tranny issue cleared up when I added some tranny fluid.
    Only operational issue at the moment is how cold natured the engine is.  Until it warms up (5 minutes or so) it st…[Read more]

  • O’Reilly’s had a Monroe 555001 shock what put my suspension pretty much in the middle of its 4 inch travel.  Mounted them today and no more harsh bottoming out.  Hurray!
    One more item checked off the list.  Only real question is whether I’ll outlive the todo list on this lil car.  🙂

  • Pulled a rear shock off this evening.  At the normal “ride height” the shock rests at 10 inches (between the base of the stem at each end of the shock).   Fully collapsed the shock measures 9 inches.
    Thus, there is only 1 inch of compression travel before the shock bottoms out solidly.  This is the hard BUMP I’ve been feeling on modest und…[Read more]

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