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    Mark Radzin


    A friend of mine is strongly considering following me down the kit car path and buying an MGTD replica for sale at what appears to be an excellent price locally. Could anyone figure out from the details what specific maker this might be? Thanks!

    The listing with pics is here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/340014463806646

    Also, any potential red flags?



    Mark Radzin


    edward ericson


    It looks like a Fiberfab. The headlight brackets are custom made.

    Red flags are the same as any with a 30+-year-old homebuilt car: look at the floors and frame head. Check all the rubber bits (tires especially) for dry rot. Assume the gas tank is full of rust and scale. Examine body and engine carefully. Assess your own true willingness to work on an old car. Check title and registration for potential issues/headaches.



    red flags I see are description says dual carbsĀ  I see only 1 & no air cleaner , no needle on tachometer , looks like he does not have a top for it , I would put your eye on it first hand before you make up your mind look under the dash at the wiring +every thing Ed said . I am not trying to discourage you but be careful these cars can be built like a factory did it or really slapped together & once you pay its your baby



    I agree, looks like a Fiberfab. The logo on the front gives it away. Also I agree that the headlight brackets are non standard. That said, most parts are easily available via MG Magic. However, as these were mostly self assembled you never know what the original owner did (or didn’t) do.




    I completely overlooked the FiberFab emblem. Good eye!

    Bill Ascheman
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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