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    M Watson


    hi everyone, I’m new at this, but I’m wondering if there is anyone who  has a source for wiring harness for the VW FiberFab MGTD cars?  I have two cars, a green Daytona MIGI and a yellow FFab.  The Daytona has wiring issues and I think it would easier to do a new wiring job than try to trouble shoot (I’m not that great w/electricity).  Or if there is no supplier, does anyone have the correct lengths, wire size, connectors, etc. for the harness?  Even though the cars are not REAL MG’s, the FUN with the replicas certainly IS REAL!!  It’s great isn’t it?

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    Greetings.  I, too am dealing with wiring in a Fiberfab MIGI.  I don’t believe I’ll need to replace the whole harness, but I do have a couple leads on sources for you.  Custom Wiring (http://www.customwiring.com/hotrods.html) says they have a harness for VW MGTD’s.  Another forum member also suggested Painless Wiring, Centech and Ron Francis. 

    Best of luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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