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  • Hey Y’all, both of my cars are gone to new homes…Both drove away with happy drivers.  MDW

  • Hey these are great, fun cars..give me a call and let’s work something out..Mike 706 402 5007

  • Bovi,  I have two VW based cars at the I-85 exit near Hogansville, Ga.  Give me a call..706-402-5007 Mike ( between LaGrange and Newnan)

  • Hi Groncher, I’m south of Atlanta, Georgia and have two VW based cars for sale.  One is green, for $3750, and the other is yellow, for $4750.  Both are licensed in Georgia..Buy them both for $7000.  Call me for more specifics.. Mike Watson 706-637-5007 or cell 706-402-5007..happy hunting

  • Hello to all,  I am car poor right now.. I have two MG replicas and my late brother’s original 64 Corvair.  Anyway, I need to sell one or even both of the MG replicas.. both are VW based and are tagged, clear titled, drivable, and loads of fun!  The green one has a header which makes it sound really like it’s BAAAAAD!   The yellow one has regu…[Read more]

  • M Watson replied to the topic Volvo power in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 14 years, 6 months ago

    Welcome Blue Horse,  sounds like you have an interesting set-up in your mind and would make a super little car w/volvo drivetrain .  Do you have a kit yet, or are you looking for one?  Most are out of production that I know about but you may be lucky enough to find a kit that was never put together  and can start  ‘out of the box’ with your buil…[Read more]

  • Bailey, I replied to your msg..I think..(not very good at the computer just yet).. anyway, if you didn’t get it send me another and we’ll go again. M Watson

  • Hey Bailey, I have two MGs for sale if you haven’t bought one yet.. I’m south of Atlanta off I-85.. both are runners and have current tags.. one is green and the other is yellow..both have tan interiors.  Give me a call  706-637-5007 or 706-402-5007.  M Watson

  • Hey WWA, interesting setup youv’e brought up…I don’t have an answer for you but please keep us posted.  Good luck with it.  We will look forward to seeing what transpires.  M Watson

  • Hi Jeff, sorry that I can’t be of much help with the gas tank question, but on one of my cars, the tank has a cut down neck and cap and there is lots of room left above it.  This tank is mounted longwise fore and aft.  On the other car, the tank is crosswise and the fit is tight because the neck was not cut and it touches the side of the c…[Read more]

  • M Watson replied to the topic Need dashboard in the forum VW Based Kits 14 years, 9 months ago

    Hey Wendy, my turn signal lens did the same thing before I got my car..could be wrong plastic or wrong bulb.  I wonder if the glass one had any problems or were the originals plastic that were 6 volt or something?  Anyway, if you find a source other than Moss, let us all know….happy motoring and cheers

  • Hey Kitcarguy, welcome to the club…My MIGI emblem is brass or something else than pewter.  In any case, I may replace mine with a MG emblem.  Don’t know if there is an interest to replicate the FF one or not.  Put a pic of your car up also…cheers!!!

  • Hey Paul, It looks like one of the early original style luggage racks that has a nice cushion on top..Moss still sells these as well as one which is bumper height.  While I’m here, I’ll ask you if you know what  the original TDs wheel colors were?  I asked a while back and got a reply about steering wheels..I’m talking about tire wheels.. were th…[Read more]

  • M Watson replied to the topic Tires in the forum General Discussion 14 years, 12 months ago

    Hey Paul, I too kept the stock VW tire and my cars handle just fine..I got my latest set from a place near Douglasville..can’t think of the name right now but I’ll get the info for you.  Also, the name of my VW man out there who is a mechanic for AirTran  Airways as his “full time” job got them for me and worked on my engine, brakes, etc.  An…[Read more]

  • M Watson replied to the topic T-Shirt Logo Vote in the forum General Discussion 15 years ago

    I like the slogan, “Yes, it’s a real car” with the picture as well even though I also voted for the Hand Built Classic.  Keep up the good work.

  • Hey Paul, I need to get some things done on mine before I take a long trip but I’ll certainly host a get together down this way at the ranch.  Might be a kick off to a small local group…besides, where I live is really easy to find.   West Point Lake and Callaway Gardens aren’t very far away either,  good day trip destinations…give me a call..MWatson

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    Hey Paul M..you could also fool me about the web business..I’m not the computer guy either but I type ok..I agree with Paul W…let’s try to get more chatter about what we are doing to our cars..Paul W, is the sunsailor guy from Ga and is his car yellow?  Keep up the Q’s and A’s…it helps us all..later MW

  • Alllllllright!!!!!! finally, some new things to read..Paul W…I see you are doing the research..It helps us all..keep it up!  Paul M..thanks for the info,  I too enjoy your catalog brain…now for a new question, did the real TDs have a stock color wheel or were they painted to match the body, interior, or some other color?    Paul W, I went to t…[Read more]

  • M Watson replied to the topic Introduction in the forum VW Based Kits 15 years, 3 months ago

    welcome Paul,  I’m between LaGrange and Newnan and have two TDs w/VW engines.  Most people can’t tell them from the real MGs but one thing IS for sure…they are REAL fun!  Just went to lunch Sunday in the yellow one at Warm Springs..weather was great and you will soon discover that Everone WAVES!    MD Watson,  Hogansville, Ga

  • Hey, many of us have been there too.  There is life after Divorce…and getting to work on your car is a GOOD thing.  I enjoy the pictures too.

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