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    Mark Konrad


    Does anyone now if a wiring harness was made for our MG TD replica’s?


    I am going to re-wire my TD next month and I have been looking at different harness.  I am sure I can use a standard VW wiring loom for the engine etc. but still looking for one for the dash etc.  I found one comany that can make one but their cost is about $300.


    Any suggestion on a harness or loom etc.


    Mark,  I think that it is easier to make one.  Buy a lot of different colors of wire (14 gauge is good enough for most anything except the main feed, the ground, the horn, headlights and a cigarette lighter)(but bigger is always better here).  Oil pressure, temp, generator warning 14 is plenty.  12 gauge for the taillights and stoplights is more than enough.  You really don’t need that many wires running from the engine to the dash (depending on what gauges you have) and it is easier, for me, to just run them one at a time and it is rather intuitive.  Buy lots of plastic tie wraps and in the end you will have a wiring harness that works for you and your vehicle with your accessories.  The harness on my MiGi is woefully inadequate in that the gas and oil gauges bounce when the radio is turned up loud.  They bounce to the beat of the bass drum.   

    edward ericson


    Chirco used to sell a dune buggy harness. Might still

    Or maybe painless wiring?

    My check of these hot-rod looms last year revealed some nice, expensive products, but nothing to drop in direct. I ended up buying a few rolls of wire, some connectors, and getting ‘er done with the wires that were already in her. Worked (mostly) but I’ll be chasing gremlins now and then as things come apart….

    Dan Rosa


    I did my rear lights with a wire harness using trailer light wire for 1/2 the price of rolls and are all color coded and together.  Dan R

    Roland Smullen


    I went the opposite direction. The wiring in Tinkerbelle was awful, and I just tore it all out. I went one circuit at a time , all fused and with relays. What a difference ! The headlights and fog lights are the most notable improvement. It seemed easier to start at the battery, and run the wires where I wanted them, one at a time, than to figure out a wiring harness.



    Rollie did what I have done a few times in the past and plan on doing to MiGi when I get the chance.  Like Rollie, I think it’s easier. 



    If you purchase a dune buggy harness, you still have to wire your dash. Just easier to make your own harness. Way less painfull and easier to follow later on. I’m doing my dash wiring now and will press on with he rest in a little bit.

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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